Historic Downtown Waukesha in the 1950’s

Billy Goelz
Let us begin with the sales pavilion which was located on Baxter Street.  There used to be auctions of cattle at least once a month.  There was also roller-skating every Friday night, and live wrestling matches with national known competitors such as Billy Goelz (Image on right) and Gypsy Joe, just to name a couple.  At the end of that era the sales pavilion building was bought up by a local man by the name of Joe Korber, and he turned the building into an upscale furniture store called Korber’s furniture.  During that time a Sears and Roebuck was built in front of Korber’s furniture and remained until the 1980’s.

Let’s take a walk down Main Street, Madison Street, Broadway, and the other main roads that made up the city of Waukesha in the 1950’s.

There were three movie theaters in Waukesha during the 50’s era: the Avon Theater, the Pix Theater, and the Park Theater.  You could go to the movies on Saturday and Sunday and sit and watch movies all afternoon for 10¢ (plus 2¢ tax).  We could also walk up Main Street to Hyde’s popcorn stand (See image below) on the corner of Whiterock Avenue and Main Street.  We could buy a very large bag of popcorn for a nickel and he would put a cover on it so it would not spill.Hyde's Popcorn Stand in Waukesha

There were also three 5¢ and 10¢ stores on Main Street: Woolworths, Schultz Bros., and the Metropolitan.  There were also; two butchers: Harflingers Meat Market, and Peyton’s Meat Market, two bakeries: Bobs Bakery on Broadway, and Klein’s Bakery on South street.

(To be continued)