Cassie Rodriguez for Waukesha Aldermanic District 2I had the remarkable opportunity to meet Cassie Rodriguez as she canvassed Aldermanic District 3 in Waukesha today.

She has been a Waukesha resident for over 10 years, and was pleasant, polite, and listened closely to what I had to say concerning my opinions of our community. She has only positive things to say about our city and the district she lives in, and a clear and sincere passion for representing her constituents.  Rodriguez is passionately motivated to be an involved and responsive public servant – something she feels is currently lacking in our district.

Cassie was running uncontested, and it appeared she would be the next alderwoman to… Continue reading

Aldermen have a duty to represent and serve the people. If they cannot fulfill that duty they should no longer hold a position in public office.

Joseph Glatzel for District 11 in WaukeshaJoseph Glatzel has decided that enough is enough with what he believes is poor representation of the people in District 11 of downtown Waukesha by current Alderman, Erik Helgestad.

Mr. Glatzel has officially announced his “write-in” candidacy for the April 5th election just two weeks from now. The “Hot Potato Topic” that favors electing a new representative for District 11, is Mr. Helgestad’s failure to oppose any fee increase for special events in the city of Waukesha – despite a public outpouring of… Continue reading

2015 Town Election Results Crucial for Town Residents

The Town of Waukesha must maintain competent board members or face serious consequences.
Don’t believe all the lies being circulated by Van Scyoc and her minions or you’ll be sorry!

Attention all Town of Waukesha residents and voters.

You have two options.

  • Vote for Marek, Fischer, and Licht and the town keeps moving prosperously forward under the direction and management of seasoned leaders. The town saves money, keeps taxes in check, and doesn’t engage in excessive litigation at tax payer expense!
  • Believe the lies being spread by Van Scyoc and Hamm and vote against Marek and Fischer. Prepare yourself for chaos and… Continue reading

Local readers should pay very close attention to the recent endorsement published by Journalist, Jessica McBride in the 07/19/2014 Freeman at page A5.  With the August 12th primary just over three weeks away, I think it’s important for voters to take a close look at the candidates in this very important election.  Jessica did a great job of outlining the key qualifications that make Severson and Perry the best choice to lead Waukesha in a consistent, efficient, and effective path of governing.

The right men for the jobs

I don’t always write endorsement columns. Sometimes, I just don’t want to wade into it. Sometimes, there are so many… Continue reading

Aaron Perry endorsed by Mayor Shawn ReillyMayor Shawn Reilly endorses Aaron Perry for Wisconsin Assembly District 97 seat.

Downtown Waukesha – A small and eloquent group of supporters of Aaron Perry gathered along the RiverWalk in downtown Waukesha this afternoon to hear Mayor Reilly’s endorsement for Perry’s bid for the 97th Assembly seat.

Perry chose the spot by the Fox river just below the Love Bridge in Riverfront Plaza, “because the Fox River flows through Waukesha County and through the 97th Assembly District. The Fox River connects us all. It winds through District 97, just like the history and values of residents who live, work and play in the City and Town… Continue reading