Dan Vrakas asks the County Board to Consider Making the County Board Chair a Part Time Position

WAUKESHA, Wis. – In a Press Release dated April 05, 2012, Waukesha County Executive  requested the County Board to consider making the County Board Chair a part-time position.

Currently, the position of County Board Chair is a full-time position with a salary of $58,586. An ordinance must be passed by the County Board in order for the changes to take effect.

“A part-time position will likely attract more candidates to the job, especially those employed in the private sector,” Vrakas said. “We must continue to become more efficient and save taxpayer dollars whenever we can.”

A part-time designation will grant the new County Board Chair more flexibility while still fulfilling the mandated responsibilities of the role. Vrakas said he believes the County Board has an opportunity to act now and make this change as it elects a new County Board Chair.

In the state of Wisconsin, all other counties using the County Executive model of government, with the exception of Milwaukee, also has a part-time County Board Chair.

County Executive, Dan Vrakas“The Board’s current Chair has done an outstanding job, gone above and beyond the call of duty and it will be difficult to expect future Chairs to take on as many local and statewide committee and organizational responsibilities,” Vrakas concluded.

The newly elected County Board could vote on an ordinance as soon as its May 22nd meeting.

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