Sussex Quiet Zone Approved by Federal Railroad Administration

For decades the Village of Sussex dealt with blaring train horns along the north and south bound Canadian National Railroad route that passes directly through the village.  Residents and business owners alike have voiced their complaints about the 20 plus trains that pass through Sussex on a daily basis.

Under Federal Railroad Administration (“FRA”) guidelines, horns were mandated because railroad crossings had insufficient safety measures in place that would otherwise allow trains to pass through the village without the use of a horn.   The Village of Sussex sought alternative measures, but with a price tag of $50,000 just to hire a consultant, alternatives were tabled by the village board and the idea of silencing the train horns almost became impossible.  That is until Tim Dietrich, Village Trustee, took over the quiet zone project.

Over the course of the past two years Dietrich has invested his own time to conduct research, gather information, and make safety improvements to certain railroad crossings. After meeting with state and federal officials to review the railroad crossing safety upgrades, in October 2011 Dietrich filed a Quiet Zone Application with the FRA on behalf of the Village of Sussex.

On March 09, 2012 the application was approved by the FRA, and all this is left is for Dietrich to file the Notice of Safety Zone Establishment.  With upgrades costing about $30,000, Dietrich has essentially saved the village around $50,000 in silencing the blaring horns along the north/south CN rail.

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