Pewaukee Lake In the Summertime

With festivals and attractions throughout the summer, Pewaukee Lake is a beautiful hot spot for people of all ages.  With a variety of options to choose from, Pewaukee Lake has made a name for itself as a great place to relax and have fun during the warmer months in Waukesha County.
The Pewaukee beach is a beautiful site to see as people walk past with dogs and bike along the sidewalk.

Admission to the beach is free which is a wonderful feature for anyone who just wants to spend the day on a the beach with a great many things to do whether it be shopping or enjoying a favorite ice cream treat.

A wonderful safety feature for families, Pewaukee beach hires life guards which is a relief for families in the area as not all beaches staff life guards in Waukesha County.

The shore next to the beach is a great spot to catch fish and enjoy the weather and happenings of Pewaukee Lake as there is a pier next to the shore of Pewaukee Lake.

Every Wednesday is booming during the summer with variations of concerts that people flock to by land or boat providing music for all ages and genres.

Thursday nights you can expect to see the water ski club’s show which is a big hit for boaters and beach bums.

During the summer the day and night life of Pewaukee Lake is breathtaking.  Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast,  enjoy boating, or a sun worshiper, the lake satisfies Waukesha County resident’s summer desires.

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