Standoff in Waukesha ends because Suspect Fled

Anthony Gonzales A five-hour standoff outside a Waukesha home ended Tuesday evening when police learned the man suspected of holing himself up had actually fled before officers arrived.  Although the news sources state that there was a standoff, in essence there really was no standoff at all.

Squads responded to the area of S. East Avenue and Laflin Avenue on Waukesha’s south side for a domestic incident.  The alleged victim was able to leave the home prior to police showing up. She told police the man was recently released from prison and may be suicidal.  Because law enforcement authorities believed the man was holed up in the residence, the Waukesha Police Department’s tactical unit along with the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department’s police dog and Bear Cat regional armored vehicle were dispatched to the scene.  There are no known weapons involved in this case, police said.

Court records indicate that the suspect, Anthony Gonzales, was recently convicted of disorderly conduct and received a “stayed” prison term for a two year term of probation.  He is believed to still be at large, and is currently being sought by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.

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