Winter has finally arrived in Waukesha

Ah, Winter in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

If you’re like me and you have lived in Waukesha your entire life, then by now you have gotten somewhat used to the  brutally cold and windy winter days that we endure between the months of November and March.  Recently I came to realize that for many of us northerners the term “winter” has a different meaning.  Some of us feel that winter is not here until several inches of snow blanket the ground, while others like myself believe that once temperatures  reach freezing or below for a few consecutive days, winter is officially upon us.   Any time that I have to scape ice off the windshield is an indication that winter is here.

So what’s it for you, the snow or the cold?  When do you declare it winter in Waukesha?

I took a little peek at some images from earlier this year and I was quickly reminded of the things to come in the not so distant future, so I thought I would share one of them…

Waukesha Blizzard 2011

Better get those shovels  and ice scrapers ready!

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