Landmark Designation of the Bartles Maguire Gas Station Rescinded!

November 01, 2011

In what has been a troubling and drawn-out controversy concerning the landmark designation of the Bartles Maguire Gas Station located at 422 E. Broadway in Waukesha appears to have reached an end, with victory going to the Waukesha Family YMCA.

Last month the landmark designation of the historic gas station was able to survive Landmark Commission review, albeit by a 4-to-4 split vote.  However, an appeal by the Waukesha Family YMCA for administrative review of the Waukesha Landmark Commission stalemate ended with the landmark designation being rescinded by the three review members, hence, the Waukesha Family YMCA can now move forward with their plans do demolish the structure and expand their parking lot.

Will the Waukesha Family YMCA Still Honor their Word?

On several occasions Stan Riffle, former director and acting counsel for the Waukesha YMCA stated that they would permit interested parties to relocate the structure, adding that the YMCA would even contribute towards the building’s relocation. At the October 5th Landmarks Commission Review hearing Riffle made an offer of $10,000 towards the costs.  A noble gesture by the YMCA, and for those of us who wish to save the building we sincerely appreciate any and all cooperation the YMCA has towards saving the historic building.

At this point in time the fate of Walley’s Service Station is uncertain.  The only option and hope for saving the gas station is to relocate it to a place yet uncertain…

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