It’s Pumpkin Hunting Season in Waukesha!

Pumpkin Farms Around Waukesha
Waukesha has always been a rich farm community with many sources for pumpkin hunting.  However, over the past couple of decades the majority of Waukesha farms have given way to development and pumpkin farms have become somewhat sparse.

As parents nothing compares to the experience of taking our child(ren) out to pick a fresh pumpkin for the Halloween season.  Pumpkin hunting is a precious seasonal event where families share the rich experience of traveling through rural Waukesha farm country to find their orange treasure.

I vividly remember this annual trip as a child; the cool fall air is filled with the smell of fallen leaves, drying hay, and of course pumpkin patches!  Navigating the pumpkin fields was always challenging because there were so many to choose from.  Ultimately my perfect pumpkin was chosen and my father helped me haul the large muddy gourd to the weighing station where we paid the farmer and headed home with my newly found Halloween trophy.

To date there are several self-pick pumpkin farms throughout Waukesha County, and here at Around Waukesha.Com we thought that it would be convenient to list them for you:

Basse’s Country Delight – Pumpkin Fest

Basse’s Taste of Country – Pumpkin Festival

Elegant Farmer – Autumn Harvest Festival

Homestead Animal Farm – Pumpkins

Lindner Pumpkin Farm

Patterson Orchards

Prospect Hill Gardens

Schuett Pumpkin Farm

Simon’s Gardens

Please feel free to leave a comment below if we have inadvertently missed any pumpkin farms around Waukesha and we will promptly add it to the list.

Enjoy your pumpkin hunting!

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