Waukesha Police Arrest Man Tuesday Morning on Warrants


David Helser


28-year-old man David Helser was arrested Tuesday morning by Waukesha County Police.  Helser was hiding from the police with three felony warrants on him.

Until Tuesday morning, Helser has been evading the Waukesha Police Department for numerous months.  However, police were notified that he may be residing in a home in the 300 block of Prospect Avenue in Waukesha, which ultimately led to his arrest.

The three warrants include one felony larceny, sexual assault of a child, and a warrant through the Department of Corrections.

Upon arrival, officers set up a perimeter and cautioned neighbors to leave their residence or stay in the safety of their basements.

Helser remained inside the home until a baton round was shot through Helser’s window. Helser then proceeded to come out of the house and was taken into custody.

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