Cassie Rodriguez Deserves Waukesha Alderman Seat

Cassie Rodriguez for Waukesha Aldermanic District 2I had the remarkable opportunity to meet Cassie Rodriguez as she canvassed Aldermanic District 3 in Waukesha today.

She has been a Waukesha resident for over 10 years, and was pleasant, polite, and listened closely to what I had to say concerning my opinions of our community. She has only positive things to say about our city and the district she lives in, and a clear and sincere passion for representing her constituents.  Rodriguez is passionately motivated to be an involved and responsive public servant – something she feels is currently lacking in our district.

Cassie was running uncontested, and it appeared she would be the next alderwoman to represent Waukesha residents of district 3.
However, it is evident that recent defamatory articles about Rodriguez published by the Waukesha Freeman prompted a “write-in” candidate, Linnea Trampe, to challenge Rodriguez in this 11th hour of the 2017 aldermanic campaign.


What Does Mayor Shawn Reilly Say?

The March 28, 2017 Freeman article states:

Mayor Shawn Reilly said he was unaware of the 2013 arrest prior to The Freeman reaching out to him on Friday. Informed that the charges were dismissed, Reilly said he didn’t think it “has any bearing upon her as an alderman.”


What Does Common Council President Aaron Perry Say?

In a March 28, 2017 article, Alderman Aaron Perry told The Freeman that he was disheartened to read the Rodriguez article concerning the 2013 arrest incident. Nevertheless, Perry stated:

“Every one of us makes mistakes and forgiveness should follow. What is also important is the company in which elected officials keep. Earning the trust of those were present and work with is not easy.”

Perry also told the Freeman:

“Ms. Rodriguez will be the next Alderperson of District 3. I hope she has all the support and interaction from her constituents that I and many other members of the Council have been blessed with.”


Make the Right Choice:

Vote Rodriguez for Waukesha Alderman on Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Visit her Campaign FaceBook Page


Misplaced Motivation and Judgment by Challenger – Trampe?

After reading the March 31st Freeman Article, describing why Trampe is pursuing the alderman position, I believe that her motivations may be misplaced.

The Freeman reported that although Trampe considered seeking the alderman seat, she was late in getting on the ballot, but believed that whoever ended up as the candidate would be fine. Trampe changed her mind, however, when she read the March 25th Freeman story that Rodriguez was arrested in 2013 for disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer.

“My community deserves better than this,” Trampe told the Freeman.

The Freeman further reported:

“Trampe said her decision to pursue the aldermanic seat is also to provide good representation to a neighborhood that may not always have the best reputation. ‘There is so much potential in our neighborhood and our community and for the reputation of our community to really turn around and be positive,’ she said, adding there are a lot of good people in her district. ‘They deserve to have a voice that is heard.’”

Let him who is without sin cast the first stone

I take offense to the fact that Trampe “judges” a past incident by Rodriguez that was not prosecuted by the state or municipal authorities. In my opinion, this shows disrespect towards the judgment and professional experience of the prosecuting authorities that had all the facts before them.

I take even more offense to the statement by Trampe that the 3rd aldermanic district has a bad reputation…


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