Changing Their Tune – or Not?

Aldermen have a duty to represent and serve the people. If they cannot fulfill that duty they should no longer hold a position in public office.

Joseph Glatzel for District 11 in WaukeshaJoseph Glatzel has decided that enough is enough with what he believes is poor representation of the people in District 11 of downtown Waukesha by current Alderman, Erik Helgestad.

Mr. Glatzel has officially announced his “write-in” candidacy for the April 5th election just two weeks from now. The “Hot Potato Topic” that favors electing a new representative for District 11, is Mr. Helgestad’s failure to oppose any fee increase for special events in the city of Waukesha – despite a public outpouring of opposition to fees that would likely put an end to events such as Friday Night Live.

Don’t just listen to me; watch the video yourself and you’ll see that Alderman Helgestad did not oppose the special event fee increase. (On March 23rd – two days after the meeting – and obviously upon learning that someone is challenging him in the election, Alderman Helgestad has now stated on his Facebook page that he opposes any increase of fees. Coincidence? I think not…)

After the overwhelming public support, and clear opposition to an increased fee that would mean the probable end to Friday Night Live, only one of the three Alderman that supported the fee increase for special events – Aaron Perry – decided to listen to the voice of the residents and business owners and publicly stated his opposition to any increase in fees for special events. We thank Alderman Perry for his support and change of heart.

Do you live in District 11 in the city of Waukesha?

District 11 Aldermanic Map-City of Waukesha

Do you want events such as Friday Night Live, the Farmers Market, and the Christmas Parade to remain?

Do you want your Alderman to respect the voice of the people of District 11 and PUBLICLY support their will?

Then please vote for Joseph Glatzel on April 5th. YOU MUST WRITE HIS NAME IN on the ballot to vote for him.


The unprecedented gathering of Waukesha residents and downtown business owners at the March 21st Ordinance and License Committee hearing at city hall was telling. The “Save Friday Night Live” movement in Waukesha, with tens of thousands of supporters, was certain to have an obvious bearing on city officials’ attempts to increase special events fees. Despite the overwhelming voice of the people, however, two of the Alderman have yet to fulfill their duty to serve the people by opposing the ordinance revision insofar as it relates to increased fees that would negatively affect public events.

Alderman Vance Skinner opposed the revised ordinance from the beginning. He and Alderman Steve Johnson voted against the revisions at the previous hearing on March 14th.

Alderman Aaron Perry (D-12), Alderman Daniel Manion (D-7), and Alderman Erik Helgestad (D-11) voted in favor of the ordinance revision on 03/14/16 – including increased fees for special events. Apparently these three aldermen felt that recouping some alleged costs outweighed the benefits of having thousands of people attending downtown Waukesha events such as Friday Night Live, the Farmers Market, and the Christmas Parade.

To date only Alderman Perry has changed his position and respected the voice of the people in the city of Waukesha.


Statement by Joseph Glatzel:

I am Joe Glatzel and I am declaring my candidacy as a WRITE-IN candidate for District 11 Alderman for the City of Waukesha on Tuesday, April 5th.

I am declaring my candidacy after attending last Monday’s March 21st special Ordinance & License Committee meeting. Discussion was on the Street Closures Ordinance and the effect it will have on events in Waukesha, especially Waukesha’s Friday Night Live, Runs/Walks and parades. I listened as the discussion continued to focus on charging higher fees for event organizers that bring a higher quality of life to Waukesha. I did not sense that the wishes and concerns of the District 11 residents were accurately represented in this discussion.

I will support the growth and continuation of events like Waukesha’s FridayNight, Farmer’s market, runs/walks, parades and other events. I will advocate for city ordinances that promote business growth. I also am a proponent of a more walkable, family-friendly downtown.

I need your support as a write-in for District 11 alderman on April 5th for the City of Waukesha.

A vote for Joe Glatzel is raising the bar in downtown Waukesha.

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