A Walk through History – 2011 Waukesha Car Show

The weather couldn’t have been nicer for the 2011 car show in Frame Park today.

With temperatures in the mid 70’s, the warm sun coupled with a swift breeze made walking through automobile history a very comfortable and nostalgic event.  The aroma of grilled burgers, hot dogs, and brats; the chatter of people admiring vintage cars; and the shiny paint and chrome on hundreds of cars and trucks were like a walk through a time machine of sorts.

Nothing can replicate an event that carries so much history and meaning, and the vehicle owners were more than happy to share the historic stories of their time capsules.

Thanks to the Waukesha Old Car Club for organizing and hosting this awesome show!

Here are some pictures of the event, just in case you were unable to make it…

2011 Car Show 0322011 Car Show 0312011 Car Show 0292011 Car Show 0272011 Car Show 0262011 Car Show 0252011 Car Show 0212011 Car Show 0222011 Car Show 0182011 Car Show 0162011 Car Show 0032011 Car Show 0132011 Car Show 0122011 Car Show 0102011 Car Show 0092011 Car Show 0072011 Car Show 0112011 Car Show 0082011 Car Show 0022011 Car Show 0042011 Car Show 0052011 Car Show 0012011 Car Show 0172011 Car Show 024

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