Van Scyoc and Company Up to No Good – still…

2015 Town Election Results Crucial for Town Residents

The Town of Waukesha must maintain competent board members or face serious consequences.
Don’t believe all the lies being circulated by Van Scyoc and her minions or you’ll be sorry!

Attention all Town of Waukesha residents and voters.

You have two options.

  • Vote for Marek, Fischer, and Licht and the town keeps moving prosperously forward under the direction and management of seasoned leaders. The town saves money, keeps taxes in check, and doesn’t engage in excessive litigation at tax payer expense!
  • Believe the lies being spread by Van Scyoc and Hamm and vote against Marek and Fischer. Prepare yourself for chaos and insanity…


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41 out of 9000 residents?

Apparently Van Scyoc and Hamm have filed a complaint for “alleged” ethics violations by Chairman Marek with the Waukesha County District Attorney Office. They purportedly were able to get 41 town residents to sign this complaint.

WOW! 41 signatures out of the 9000 town residents?

How many residents refused to sign when asked? Hundreds? Thousands?

This complaint of “alleged” ethics violations is likely filled with misaligned, fabricated lies based upon their clearly “skewed and distorted” perception of reality…

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The Campaign Trail

Not surprisingly, travels along the campaign trail today brought discovery of yet another onslaught of lies and deceit against Waukesha Town Chairman John Marek. Marek’s opponent, Wayne Kryzanowski, originally circulated a lie-filled flyer alleging impropriety and irresponsibility by Marek and other board members in performing their duties. It was clear that Van Scyoc had a hand in this.

Today another lie-filled flyer bashing Marek and Fischer was discovered. This one was advocated by “Citizens United against Bad Town Government” – Again, obvious misrepresentation by Van Scyoc and her sidekick Sandy Hamm.


Smoke & Mirrors

Just in case you didn’t know, Wayne Kryzanowski and his wife are advocated by Angie Van Scyoc and Sandy Hamm. Obviously Van Scyoc is still resentful from being unseated by Marek, and subsequently losing her bid for supervisor.

Despite failed attempts to regain some type of control over town affairs, Van Scyoc did succeed in getting one of her minions, Larry Wolf, on the board. Ryan Licht is the hopeful to unseat Wolf – cutting the “puppet strings” Van Scyoc has on the town board via Wolf.

Ironically, since Marek took office the town has done a complete 360; generating a huge reserve of revenue, slashing irresponsible spending on legal fees, and restoring the deplorable reputation the town attained under the leadership of Angie Van Scyoc. If town residents are foolish enough to believe the lies and vote in Wayne Kryzanowski or Milette Kryzanowski, you all deserve to watch the town spiral back into insanity!


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over,
but expecting different results…


Wayne Kryzanowski?

The only thing I’ve heard about Wayne Kryzanowski is his moral turpitude. He openly admits in the town board video that he hosts sex parties at his town of Waukesha residence: “…at a previous party some “city folks” were taking sexual pleasures in my house and flushed their “condoms” (more than one) into my septic system . . . and everybody was made aware that this metod of disposal was unacceptable.” Van Scyoc and Hamm defended him on Twitter by stating it was a wedding reception,


“Click to view the post at Wigderson Library & Pub

Wayne Kryzanowski

but that’s NOT what Wayne’s own words say in the video…

Listen for yourself :

Wedding reception my eye!

Of greatest importance is the fact Wayne Kryzanowski has not worked a job in over 10 years. Before that he was employed at Red Star Yeast. Wayne has absolutely NO qualifications to administer town business and will merely be a puppet for Van Scyoc. Can’t you see the strings?



Van Wolf?

Larry WolfIt’s not hard to recognize Wolf if you attend a board meeting. (Look for the puppet strings) He’s usually reading from scripted verbiage (probably dictated by Van Scyoc) and ALWAYS votes against important issues.

Wolf voted AGAINST cuts on legal spending.

Wolf voted AGAINST reducing taxes.

Wolf even voted AGAINST a “permitted use” application raised by 5 Diamonds Inc. I’m pretty certain his vote against the “permitted use” was not even legal?

The ONLY person keeping the town board from running like a smooth, well-oiled piece of machinery is Larry Wolf.


Van Scyoc & Hamm: Lies, Lies, Lies

In recent issues surrounding the construction of the indoor training facility at 5 Diamonds Ballpark, Van Scyoc and Hamm went so far as to spread rumors that wetlands were being destroyed for the construction of the building. What Van Scyoc minions learned at the meetings (which I attended and witnessed) was the fact that 5 Diamonds owners moved the building to avoid the wetlands and the buffer established by town ordinance. Some of the residents actually believed that wetlands were being destroyed!

Clearly the majority of town residents have had enough of Van Scyoc – she’s the only one who hasn’t accepted it yet…

So what’s the next best thing for Van Scyoc? You guessed it right if you said she would find a candidate to run against Marek and maliciously spread lies in an attempt to get revenge and regain control of town business – another puppet!


The Real Deal

Never in the history of Town of Waukesha elections will the outcome matter as much as it will for the April 7, 2015 election. Voters must take stock in the current state of the town; its finances, decorum, reputation, and prosperous outlook.

Voters will decide whether the town keeps moving forward, or whether the town will relive a grueling history by electing unqualified individuals under the guidance of, and at the behest of Angie Van Scyoc and her sidekick Sandy Hamm.


The town used to be the laughingstock of Waukesha County

Just a couple short years ago the town of Waukesha was in distress. This is because the majority of board members exercised bad judgment due to inexperience in management, negotiation, and people skills. I’ll refer to this as the “Van Scyoc era.” During the Van Scyoc era the town board was comprised of Angie Van Scyoc, Joe Banske, Mike Laska, and Everett German, Brian Fischer.

In just a couple short years the town spent hundreds of thousands of dollars litigating against one of their contractors, the city of Waukesha, the town of Brookfield, and even the state DNR. In each legal battle the town either lost or was procedurally dismissed from the case.

The infamous “Snowplow Litigation” cost the town over $400,000 and was claimed a victory by Van Scyoc, Banske and Laska. The town should have simply paid the $354,000 billed by the contractor and saved more than $46,000!

The town had a branded reputation of being uncooperative with neighboring communities and litigious. Town board meetings ran into the wee hours of the night with uncontrolled arguing and a lack of professional decorum. Negative articles peppered the headlines weekly.

Since Van Scyoc was “ousted” by the town residents she claims to defend and protect.  Since then the Town has regained it’s reputation and attained a professional decorum at board meetings. Of course, Van Scyoc still tries to control meetings in a rude, grandiose, and immature manner.



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