Waukesha to Welcome a Woodman’s Markets

Woodman's LogoAccording to WTMJ’s News Radio website, Mayor Jeff Scrima has officially announced the opening of a Woodman’s Markets on Waukesha’s East side.  The site chosen for the new Woodman’s Markets will be on the corner of East Main Street and Highway 164 where Spancrete formerly operated. It is further reported that the store will open no later than the summer of 2013, and will bring 200 new jobs to our area. “We look forward to the quality of products, economic revitalization, and jobs that Woodman’s will provide to our community,” said Mayor Scrima.


Does Waukesha Need Another Grocery Store?

The first thing that may enter your thoughts when reading this article is whether Waukesha really needs another grocery store.  Currently Waukesha has Aldi, Sentry, and Pick & Save stores peppered throughout the city.  It wasn’t too long ago that Sentry closed a couple of their stores. As a result this leaves us wondering whether Woodman’s Markets will be a success, or will there be yet another commercial skeleton shadowing the city of Waukesha?

Woodman's Markets coming to Waukesha

What makes Woodman’s Markets unique from other grocers?

Woodman’s Markets was founded in Janesville, Wisconsin in 1918, and over the course of 90 plus years has become a multi-billion dollar grocery chain.  In 1998 Woodman’s sold their chain to its employees, making Woodman’s a 100% employee-owned company.  With ten locations in Wisconsin and three in Illinois, their newest addition in Waukesha will serve to better this Wisconsin based corporation.

Woodman’s operates on a warehouse model, with prices lower than many larger grocery store chains because they sell in bulk.  Unlike Sam’s Club, however, Woodman’s also sells items individually with the option of buying them in bulk as well.  Generally, their stores are almost triple the size of conventional grocery stores.  An example is their Kenosha store, which is the largest grocery store in the United States at 252,345 square feet.

In addition to the food items at Woodman’s, it will also provide a liquor store, and will likely have a gas station included in their Waukesha branch.

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2 Responses to Waukesha to Welcome a Woodman’s Markets

  • What date will Woodman’s begin accepting applications for the Waukesha store? I am very interested in working at this store. I was very impressed, when I shopped at the store in Menomonee Falls this year.

    Please email me, when this information beomes available.

    Thank you

    Candy Beniznger

  • Who wrote this article…someone from Pick n Save? “…does Waukesha really need another grocery store”. A store like Woodman’s will be fantastic in Waukesha and will give Pick n Save a good run for their money. I can hardly afford to shop at pick n save anymore.