Waukesha Officer Recognized for “Act of Kindness”

Image courtesy of WISN 12 Milwaukee

WAUKESHA, WI | On January 3, 2015 Waukesha Police Officer Ryan Bukouras was called to the Target store for a report of an out-of-control 19-year-old woman. The woman was in one of the aisles at the store with a caregiver, but the caregiver was concerned because the woman had been lashing out lately and getting violent.

When Office Bukouras arrived at the scene and confronted the situation, he learned that the woman just wanted to buy a doll. Bukouras discovered that the woman has severe autism and did not understand that money was needed to buy the doll.

After speaking with the woman, Bukouras was able to calm her down. Bukouras realized that the caregiver didn’t have money to pay for the doll the distressed woman wanted, so he bought it himself and gave it to her.

In an interview with WISN 12 news reporter Mike Anderson, Bukouras shared his experience of the situation:

“I always wanted to get into law enforcement…” “You learn what works in your communication skills,” Bukouras said.

Yesterday the Waukesha Police Department’s Facebook page published a “Letter of Appreciation” that was issued by Chief, Russell Jack:

January 20, 2015

Officer Ryan Bukouras
Waukesha Police Department


On January 3, 2015 you were dispatched to Target on Sunset Drive for an out- of- control 19 year-old female diagnosed with a severe Autism Spectrum Disorder. You quickly realized that the female had wanted to buy a doll, but because of her disorder, she didn’t understand the concept of money. After gaining a rapport with the female, you were able to calm her down and speak with her social worker who was on scene. You then purchased the $21 doll with your own money and gave it to the Autistic female. The female was very appreciative and she left the store with her caregiver without further incident.

You are being awarded this Letter of Appreciation for going above and beyond what was expected of you by using your own money to help resolve this incident. Thank you for your commitment to serving the community with integrity, honor, and courage.


Russell P. Jack
Chief of Police


We salute you Officer Bukouras on a job well done!

Thank you for your service


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