Drug Dealers Public Enemy No.1 for DOJ under Schimel

“I’m putting the drug dealers on notice: You are public enemy number one for the Wisconsin Department of Justice”

Schimel victory speach

Photo: Gilman Halsted/WPR News

In his victory speech over Democratic opponent Susan Happ, Brad Schimel clung to the foundation of his tenure as District Attorney for Waukesha County and campaign for Attorney General by putting drug dealers on notice.

“I am sick and tired of meeting with parents that have buried their children because of this drug scourge that our state is facing,” Schimel said. “We’re all going to work together to put public safety ahead of politics in Wisconsin”

In conceding the race to Schimel, Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ said she wished her campaign had focused more on issues like heroin instead of the attack ads that dominated the airwaves.

The candidates had been locked in one of the tightest attorney general races Wisconsin has seen in years, with Schimel accusing Happ of being soft on crime and Happ countering that Schimel would be a GOP robot who would blindly defend any law Republican legislators pass.

Schimel, for his part, blamed the attacks on outside groups. He promised to cooperate with Happ as attorney general on public safety issues.

At his victory party, Schimel also showed he isn’t just a prosecutor. He brought along his bass guitar, and closed the night by getting up on stage and joining the band he’s played with for two decades.

“We have our work cut out for us — a lot of challenges ahead,” he told his supporters. “But tonight is not about that. Tonight, it’s all about the bass. Let’s Rock and roll!”

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