Baseball Community Pulls Together in Support of Stabbing Victim

Fundraiser Banner for Stabbing VictimAnyone traveling along Waukesha’s south-side bypass has likely seen hundreds of ball players and spectators in attendance at Infinity Fields.

Saturday, May 31st was a three-day tournament weekend, and many in attendance wondered why the Flight For Life chopper was buzzing the ballpark area. Gate-workers were quite surprised when law enforcement officials approached them and stated that they were looking for two teenage girls.  What the police did not share was any type of description, or the startling fact that these two girls were responsible for stabbing their friend 19 times just blocks away from the ball park a short time earlier.

Volunteers at BannerThe word of two missing teenage girls spread quickly through those attending the baseball tournaments, and soon people teamed-up and began combing through the woods and marsh areas adjacent to the ball park in search of the teens. It doesn’t matter if you”re a ball player, families help families in the youth baseball community, so volunteers searched and searched…    Parents and personnel from 5 Diamonds were likely stunned when they learned the true nature of the police’s efforts in finding the two girls. Fortunately, miscommunication by law enforcement to ball park officials did not result in any other tragedy.

Baseball Community Holds Fundraiser for Stabbing Victim

Waukesha Town Chairman John Marek pulls raffle winnersJust one week after the horrible stabbing tragedy, the youth baseball community stepped up to the plate to help raise money for the stabbing victim.  Volunteers went from field to field, selling raffle tickets and accepting contributions.  Town Chairman John Marek participated by pulling raffle winners, and raffle prizes were sponsored by Infinity Exteriors, Clemons Sausage, Cousins Subs, Culvers, 5 Diamonds, Inc., and Spiderz Batting Gloves.

Tom Kelenic, Co-owner of 5 Diamonds, stated that the fundraiser brought in over $3,300 during the three-day baseball tournaments held at the park this past weekend.  Kelenic also stated that 5 Diamonds, Inc. will continue to take donations throughout the baseball season, with all of the money going to the victim.


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