Back to School Shooping in Waukesha

Easy Ways To Help Save Money for Back-To-School Shoppers

Before you even think of going to the store, make sure you shop around your house. You may have supplies at home that are on your child’s school supply list such as erasers, rulers, or highlighters. You may also be surprised at how many pens and pencils you have from trips to the bank, grocery store, or any other business that may use these advertising techniques.

Once you’ve cleaned out your drawers, you’re ready to hit the road and you might want to try to shop at  The Dollar Tree first.  The Dollar Tree in Waukesha provides everything from rulers, highlighters, and calculators for one dollar each.  You can find scissors, index cards, and ten packs of ball point pens in any color your child needs as well. They carry everything you can possibly need for back-to-school supplies at the most affordable prices.

Every week they are receiving new shipments, so don’t be discouraged if you are unable to  find an item you need right away. You may also go to their online website at if you wish to find the item or items you weren’t able to find while at the store. If you have children who have similar school supply lists you can save money buying the supplies in bulk on their website as well.

Waukesha’s Walmart stores offer price matches.  You can also save money on gas with one stop shopping.  If you see an ad that includes an item on your back-to-school list in a local retail store, cut it out and bring it into Walmart and they will match it. Walmart also has taken the liberty to make the hunt for school supplies much more simple.  They have either a train or a bus in the school supply aisles. This makes it much easier to find particular school supplies, and less stressful. It also cuts back time you may have spent searching up and down the isles to find the items on the school supply list.

The Waukesha Thrift Shop is offering phenomenal deals as well this year.  You can find items such as clothes, school bags, and lunch bags.  This week you can purchase a bag for $10.00 in return for a bag you may fill up with items you need for back-to-school. Next week the price to fill your bag will drop to $5.00 per week.   The Waukesha Thrift Shop is also holding a customer appreciation day on the 20th of August. The children’s section turns over fairly quickly, however there are plenty of junior clothes which is always great for middle school and high school children.  The store opens at 10:00 a.m. so the sooner you’re there the more options you have to choose from to pile into your bag.

There are many places where you can save on back to school shopping

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