Who’s Most Qualified to Replace Bill Kramer?

Aaron Perry of Waukesha for WI Assembly
By Karl Robe
Conservative Republican Aaron Perry entered the race to replace Bill Kramer in Assembly District 97 with one goal. Fight for local control of issues impacting people from the city and Town of Waukesha to Genesee to Mukwonago. As the first candidate to enter the Assembly race, Aaron Perry has visited with many district residents. When sharing his opponents’ backgrounds, a common reaction has been surprise, followed by concern.

The following assessment of the candidates – including Aaron Perry – draws clear distinctions on who is most qualified to serve. It focuses on the politics, qualifications and record of each person, rather than personal attacks. The difference clearly hinges on who has the trust and confidence of voters now to fight for local control on issues decided in Madison.


Aaron Perry:
Aaron Perry is the only Assembly candidate currently serving residents of District 97. His record, dedication, and work ethic as a Waukesha alderman clearly distinguish him. He’s the only candidate working in the trenches of local government daily. He’s completely focused on strengthening local control over decisions that affect our lives and livelihoods. These include voter ID, education, health care and taxes, among other issues. His approach assures accountability in bringing to the state Assembly a voice for local control.

Aaron Perry continuously communicates and connects with his constituents. He listens, he learns, and then he takes action. This is evident in his record of success in advancing issues that matter to people. He’s as committed to communicating and remaining connected to his constituents as I’ve ever seen in public service. He has earned the respect of his Common Council peers. This is evident from the endorsements he’s received.


Scott Allen:
After a failed run for state office 18 years ago, Scott Allen, a Town of Waukesha
Scott Allen resident, sat on the political sidelines for the better part of the last 14 years – including while the political fires raged in his in own backyard in the Town of Waukesha. Regardless of what one might think about the town’s well-documented political strife, at least the town supervisors, who got off the bench, engaged in the process and fought for what they believed.
What concerns me most about Scott Allen is what he said in his first speech for this Assembly race. Scott Allen introduced his reason for running as “it might as well be me.” I believe, based on his comments, people in District 97 will question his commitment to the Assembly race and by extension whether he’s committed to fighting for them in the state Capitol.


Brandon RosnerBrandon Rosner:
Rosner recently moved into the district, and his experience as a candidate includes dual defeats in pursuit of offices in Milwaukee and in Greenfield. Sure, he worked on campaigns for national political figures. But how does that qualify him to serve the people? Voters in his other races, in other cities, where he moved and then moved again, clearly saw something they did not like.



Joe BanskeJoe Banske:
Banske lost his constituents’ confidence and his supervisor seat in the Town of Waukesha about a month ago. Running for office so soon after losing in his town district seems suspect at best and at worst job-hopping. As an observer of politics, it seems odd that Banske would think he can garner districtwide support when he failed to win over his own constituents just a month ago.



Vince TrovatoVince Trovato:
Another professional campaign organizer and political intern, Trovato joins Scott Allen and Brandon Rosner as a trio of candidates running on issues every conservative supports without a message to mobilize voters.




All of Aaron Perry’s opponents are interchangeable candidates who will claim to fight for freedom of speech, gun rights and pro-life issues among other conservative principles. Only one – Aaron Perry – currently serves the people of Waukesha because he has earned their trust and confidence. Only Aaron Perry understands what’s happening in the district today based on his frontline experience working on district issues every day representing those who trust in his leadership and elected him to office. Only Aaron Perry is actively representing the people and fighting for conservative principles now.

Before voting Aug. 12, find out more about all the candidates. Please view my perspectives above as intended for you to verify on your own, rather than criticism. Then connect with Aaron Perry on Twitter@perry4assembly and email aaron@perryforassembly.com. You will see how responsive Aaron Perry is to you.

Karl Robe is a campaign strategist for Aaron Perry, a candidate for the 97th Assembly District.

Karl Robe, Milwaukee area PR Consultant

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