The Waukesha Mayoral Winner is?

Today, April 1st, 2014 is Election Day!

Did you take the time to go to any of the 2014 mayoral debates, read articles in the Freeman, or read mailers & flyers sent out by the two candidates?  Your vote matters, and the direction our city goes from this day forward hinges on who is elected mayor for the next four years.

Perhaps you’ve already made your decision on who you’re voting for, or maybe you’re still at a crossroads?

“The way you do anything, is the way you do everything”The wise owl

Please think about this simple truth before you make your final vote, and please, read on…

In anticipation of the voter numbers and announcement of the winner, I am offering up “The way you do anything, is the way you do everything” hypothesis of what Waukesha voters can expect from each of the candidates should either of them win.



Shawn ReillyShawn Reilly

From day one of the mayoral campaign, candidate Reilly has pointed fingers of contempt and blame at our current mayor; offering no solutions, goals or promises – just criticism…

We should expect finger pointing, blame and disrespect if Reilly is elected mayor!


Candidate Reilly alleges that Mayor Scrima is opposed to securing Lake Michigan water.  The fact is that mayor Scrima intervened to prevent a “bad deal” with the city of Milwaukee, and recently signed a letter of intent to obtain safe, clean water from Oak Creek.

We should expect falsehoods and misleading half-truths if Reilly is elected mayor!


Candidate Reilly blames mayor Scrima for the disbandment of the Waukesha BID.  He states that he supports the BID and wishes it still existed.
The fact is that Reilly and his allies are responsible for getting signatures from downtown property owners to disband the BID and now it’s gone.

We should expect falsehoods and blame if Reilly is elected mayor!


Candidate Reilly states that he supports Freeman Friday Night Live as it currently exists.
The fact is Shawn Reilly has vehemently opposed the Friday Night Live street closings at task force and other public hearings, siding with the opposition to the renowned summer event.

We should expect more lies if Reilly is elected mayor, and he will use his mayoral seat to fight street closures for Freeman Friday Night Live.  Will Friday Night Live survive if Reilly becomes mayor?




Jeff ScrimaMayor Jeff Scrima

From day one of taking office as the mayor for the city of Waukesha, Jeff Scrima has fought for the best interests of the citizens and our city.

We should expect continued passion and positive direction if Scrima is re-elected mayor!


Mayor Scrima intervened in a bad water deal with the city of Milwaukee and collaborated with officials to attain an alternative source from Oak Creek.

We should expect continued protection from bad deals, and we will have clean, safe drinking water if Scrima is re-elected mayor!


Mayor Scrima holds passionately steadfast in debates with common council members – rather than playing typical status quo and giving in.

We should expect continued commitment to stand his ground if Scrima is re-elected mayor!


Mayor Scrima collaborates to inspire job growth, increased cultural events, and keeping taxes at their record-setting low.

We should expect continued economical growth and family events if Scrima is re-elected mayor!


There you have it, a hypothesis of what we have to look forward to based upon who wins the 2014 election for mayor of Waukesha.  Please vote, and please vote with your heart and common sense.  The future of the city of Waukesha depends upon it…

Please feel free to share your opinions and comments below.

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2 Responses to The Waukesha Mayoral Winner is?

  • Really? Scrima can’t stand to admit his own record of flip flops, missed incidents, and other gaffs, and then calls it name calling/mudslinging. It’s HIS RECORD – OWN IT.

    • Ahhh… A brainwashed buffoon coward hiding behind anonymity…
      Wonder if your employer – Edstrom Insudtries – knows that your investing company time surfing the net and writing hate comments?