Still Moving Forward Waukesha!

The primary election results told a story of sorts, and numbers represent the moral of that story.  Reilly had 1,505 votes (35%), Scrima had 1,421 votes (33%), Thieme had 1,193 votes (28%), and Volpano had 164 votes (4%).  For Reilly and Scrima the margin was a mere 3% with a difference of 84 votes.

Perhaps the minuscule margin was directly proportional to Mayor Scrima’s choice to not greet President Obama during his recent visit to Waukesha?  For anyone who believes that the mayor disrespected the president, I can assure you that his choice was not borne out of any disrespect for the president, or for our city for that matter.  To the contrary, Mayor Scrima’s choice was based on his respect for the voters who trusted his allegiance to avoid partisan affiliation all together.  His decision was based on values and principle to keep his word to you, the voters.  His true passion is keeping his word and moving Waukesha forward to bigger and better accomplishments.  Mayor Scrima loves the city he was born & raised in, and the city to which he still calls home.

If the 3% margin was based on this one incident, what does the story tell?

Well, it says that a majority of Waukesha voters were focused more on what Mayor Scrima has done for our city, not on some political train that passed briefly through our city.  Obviously the story clearly shows that candidate Thieme tried to leverage the Presidential situation in his election favor, and it did not work.  Hmmm.

Visit the Scrima For Mayor website, look at the 3rd picture down on the left and click on it.  Did you smile when you saw the sign of spring and the blooming tulips? That picture represents the future of our city with Jeff Scrima as mayor, a future that holds continued fiscal responsibility, growth and hope for the awesome attractions that draw tens of thousands of people to our city throughout the summer.

I cannot guarantee that this hope will be there should Jeff Scrima lose the general election!  Do yourself a favor and review the facts before you cast your vote.


The future of our city depends upon it!

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