Make an Educated vote for Mayor
Rhetoric about negotiations for Lake Michigan water can be misleading – the truth is that Mayor Scrima helped save our city from making a very costly choice.


When Mayor Scrima took office in 2010, negotiations for procuring water from the city of Milwaukee were practically written in stone.  The residents of Waukesha can be very grateful that our mayor blew the whistle on this “bad deal” and exercised his mayoral power to halt any water agreement with the city of Milwaukee.

The city of Milwaukee has repeatedly and openly stated that any water sale to Waukesha must include a “non-compete clause” for Waukesha’s future business and jobs.  Further, there would be additional “economic compensation” from Waukesha above and beyond the water rates.

The sad truth is that prior to Mayor Scrima taking office, water negotiations were being made on an uneven playing field – a fact that the majority of Waukesha citizens and taxpayers don’t know.

Water negotiations between Waukesha and Milwaukee were being performed by:


  • Milwaukee’s 7 member water negotiation team, which included Milwaukee’s: Mayor, Attorney, Superintendent of Water Works, Council President, Comptroller, Director of Budget, and Legislative representative.


  • Waukesha’s 3 member team, which included Waukesha’s: Community Development Director Steve Crandell; Water Utility Manager Dan Duchniak (who doesn’t even live in Waukesha) and Administrator Lori Luther (who at the time publicly admitted she has been interviewing for other jobs, and may not have to live with any decision she made.)


Essentially it was a 7 to 3 playing field and Waukesha’s 3 representatives were recklessly considering this bad deal?

The plain truth is that Mayor Scrima exposed the true nature of the Milwaukee water agreement. Everyone should know this fact when it comes time to cast your vote for mayor in 2014.

We need to keep a mayor who digs into issues to find the facts.

We need to keep a mayor who doesn’t agree with the majority simply to avoid conflict.

I will not speak ill against other mayoral candidates, but I will state that it would be very unwise to replace a mayor who has proven that he has the citizens’ best interests at heart on all fronts.

We don’t need to replace something that’s not broken.

Please – make an educated vote when you vote for mayor.

Vote for Jeff Scrima and keep moving Waukesha forward!

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