Mayor Scrima has Made a Difference

What gave people from a variety of different communities a reason to drive to downtown Waukesha over the past few years? Well, that it is quite easy to say.

A handful of visionaries saw the potential in the artistic buildings from the 1800s and started to restore them for shops, art galleries, restaurants and new lofts to live in. A young, new mayor held our property taxes lower than inflation, restored the roads leading to our little town, the home of Carroll University. Mayor Scrima garnered the support of our well respected Police Chief Russell Jack, Common Council, our local businesses, Carroll University, residents, volunteers and The Freeman newspaper to open our streets to pedestrians on Friday nights during the summer to listen to music, enjoy family time, and rediscover Wisconsin’s hidden gem, downtown Waukesha.

Mayor Scrima organized and encouraged compromise between the private sector and volunteers to keep Freeman Friday Night Lives alcohol-free, streets closed for about three hours for the safety of pedestrians, and created a magical ambiance of art and live music for thousands of people! What other mayoral candidate will support Freeman Friday Night Live as it stands? Many downtown businesses would not survive without the traffic and revenues of Freeman Friday Night Live.

Mayor Scrima encouraged volunteers to make the Waukesha Farmers Market better than ever! Mayor Scrima gave away half his salary to charities for our community. Thank you, Mayor Scrima, for bringing business to the city of Waukesha and putting Waukesha back on the map!

Jim Taylor
People’s Park Waukesha

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