Scrima Has Proven Experience

My parents are from the Traditionalist Generation, which makes me a Baby Boomer.  While I respect the older generation, we live our lives very differently.  Generation X follows my generation.  Born from 1963 to 1983, Gen X-ers are characterized by having the highest volunteerism hours of any generation and they are a generation whose worldview is based on change.  They campaign for human dignity, individual freedom, tolerance and human rights for all.  Unlike their parents, Gen Xers are less likely to idolize leaders and are more inclined to work toward long-term institutional and systematic change.  They also hold the highest education levels of any age group.

Mayor Jeff Scrima is a Gen X-er who possesses many leadership traits as listed in the article, 7 Traits of Highly Effective Leaders: inspire action, optimistic, integrity, support and facilitate work teams, confidence, communicate and decisive (Inc. magazine).  He has 4 years of Mayoral experience under his belt and has done an admirable job keeping taxes flat (many home owners property taxes actually went down!), has helped to create 700 jobs, encouraged the growth of community events such as Friday Night Live, the Farmer’s Market and Guitar Town, kept us from a compromising water deal with Milwaukee and attacked our infrastructure through desperately needed road repairs.  See for details.

There have always been challenges between generations, but eventually Gen X-ers will run our all of our cities and businesses.  We have an opportunity now to work with them as we Boomers transition toward retirement.  While the other candidates might do a good job (change is risky and not always best), I’m convinced that Jeff Scrima has proven experience and will continue the great work he has begun.

Vote Scrima on Feb 18th.


Roger Igielski
Downtown Business Owner
Past BID President
Past Waukesha Downtown Business Assoc President
Friday Night Live Chairman for the past 5 years
Coordinated the Christmas tree lighting and Guinness record attempt for caroling

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