Here Today, Gone Tomorrow – A Matter of Principle.

Mayor Jeff ScrimaFor the past few days the media has been all over the story about Mayor Scrima passing up on the visit from President Obama.  Some people think its the mayors “job” to welcome the president to our city.  Others think it was disrespectful to decline an invitation from the president of the United States.  The fact is the President came to Waukesha to visit GE and commemorate their accomplishments.  Obama did not come to Waukesha to meet the mayor.

The President is here today, but he’ll be gone tomorrow and our mayor will remain here, steadfast in his conviction of improving the city of Waukesha with no political stance.  Facts and number clearly demonstrate that Mayor Scrima has done an excellent job in building our city’s economy and sense community pride.

The front page of today’s Waukesha Freeman finds Common Council President and mayoral candidate Terry Thieme gloating in the mire of politics in a hopeful attempt to gain an edge in his campaign for mayor. This is the exact message that our mayor avoided by respectfully declining the invitation to take a picture with the President.  Whether or not you think it was the mayors job to be there, or that it may have been disrespectful not to attend, our mayor avoided what has now become blatantly obvious!


A Matter of Principle

I have to applaud Mayor Scrima for sticking to his commitment of not becoming embroiled in politics during his tenure.  It can’t be easy for anyone to decline an invitation to meet the President of the United States.  It can’t be easy for anyone to decline invitations to the Governor’s Mansion and other venues. He is honored to be invited and would love to partake in these many events.  However, our mayor has remained steadfast to this principle of keeping politics out of his job. The mayor’s office was drowning in politics before Scrima took office and he made a commitment to avoid this in the best interests of our city.

Would you rather see Mayor Scrima gloating on the front page of the newspaper with political dignitaries, or would you rather he remain humbly separated from politics and faithfully moving Waukesha forward?

I believe we have to respect the mayor’s decision to stick to his commitment – no matter how tempting it must have been to meet the President of the United States.


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