The Citizens of Waukesha Know Best

City’s renewal underway but more work ahead

Mayor Jeff ScrimaBy Jeff Scrima

The citizens of Waukesha know best.

The role of a mayor is to be a servant-leader – to assist families, businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits, and city departments in meeting their goals, which benefit the common good.

Being a servant-leader can be bitter and sweet, however, it’s necessary in order to renew and restore our city. During the last four years we have made significant progress in five areas.

First of all, for the first time in the history of our city, we’ve balanced our city checkbook and kept the tax levy flat – on average under inflation – resulting in tax savings and a better value for our families. By comparison, had we followed the trajectory of the previous administration, our taxes would be over 20 percent higher today. But we didn’t. Who the citizens elect does matter when it comes to fiscal responsibility.


Second, due to citizen concerns over the hidden costs of Milwaukee water, we’ve redirected and are moving forward toward Oak Creek for our future water source. We met with the leaders of Oak Creek, and I signed the Letter of Intent to purchase water from Oak Creek on Nov. 30, 2012 – an agreement with no strings attached.


Third, we’ve invested millions of dollars – literally over doubling our investment – into road restoration. For the first time in decades, roads all around the city are being resurfaced and replaced. Expect even more road restoration in 2014.


Fourth, we’ve created over 700 new family-supporting jobs, in many cases with city assistance, placing us far ahead of many other Wisconsin municipalities in job growth. Our expanding economic engines include Carroll University, ProHealth Care, SPX Waukesha Electric, Weldall Manufacturing, GE Gas Engines, Gaco Western, The Shoppes at Fox River, Woodman’s Food Market, and more.


Fifth, we’ve had unprecedented growth in our community “front porch” events like Freeman Friday Night Live and the Farmer’s Market along our Riverwalk, with the largest attendance yet in 2013. These events build our sense of community, and draw thousands of people and thousands of smiles.


Our goal is to become the No. 1 best small city in America.

We’ve already made significant progress, and we have some exciting plans for the next few years to get us there.

Together we will create an outstanding future.

The citizens of Waukesha deserve proven leadership to move Waukesha forward.

The citizens know best!

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