The Town of Waukesha’s Year in Review

2013 saw the town move forward on several fronts


John MarekBy John Marek, Town of Waukesha Chairman

It has been my privilege and honor to serve the Town of Waukesha in the capacity of town chairman over the last eight months.

Following are the highlights of the progress the new board has made over this time.

I look forward to the coming year, and the opportunities and challenges that we will face in 2014.

5 Diamonds
The controversy surrounding this family-friendly venue has been put to rest, with the rezoning to park status, an accurate representation of exactly what the property is.

Town property tax
If your town property was not reassessed for improvements, your town property tax went down. I will work to have a larger decrease this coming year.

Town of Brookfield vs. Town of Waukesha
The litigation between the two towns has been resolved, and without another dime on attorneys being wasted.

This issue always was a matter for the state Legislature, as the state statutes were ambiguous and needed clarification. Special thanks to our legislative liaison Brian Fischer, who worked with Reps. Bill Kramer and David Craig and Sen. Mary Lazich to craft legislation to halt the Town of Brookfield’s attempted land grab.

Budget amendments
For the first time in three years, the Town of Waukesha is following the state statutes and town ordinances, and spending taxpayer funds exactly in accordance with the approved budget, as is the law.

We are on the way to selecting a new auditor for the town. I will work with Supervisor Fischer and a hopefully less combative board in April to complete a state-required audit for 2012, and restore integrity to our financial standing.

Our former auditor refused to give an opinion on the town’s financial standing, due to accounting irregularities that have taken place. These irregularities include a former Town Board member accessing and altering the town’s accounting system, and the total lack of budget amendments.

As of this writing, Supervisors Banske, Laska and Wolf are blocking my attempts at a state of Wisconsin review of the accounting practices that have taken place in the town.

Water service area
The Town of Waukesha is fully within the sewer and water service area, giving residents an optional source of sewer and water, should any of us experience water or septic issues.

Attorney fees and new attorney The town has recently hired one of the most respected municipal attorney firms in Wisconsin. The firm of Arenz, Molter, Macy, Riffle & Larson focuses solely in municipal law, with an emphasis of representing towns like ours.

We will now, finally, have the ability to rein in the ridiculous annual expenditure of $250,000, and get back to a historical, sane budget for attorney services of $30,000-$40,000 annually.

Balanced budget, debt free
The Town of Waukesha has a balanced budget for 2014, and remains debt free.

I will oppose supervisors Banske and Laska, who advocate the town going into debt, even though as of this writing the town has over $2 million of CASH in the bank.

I appreciate all of the kind words and support throughout the year.

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2 Responses to The Town of Waukesha’s Year in Review

  • Hello John,
    You have injected a bit of reality and common sense into the entrenched political kingdom known as the Town of Waukesha. Deception and favoritism have been used to implement an agenda favorable to the ruling bureaucrats and their cronies there for a long time. You however, seem to realize that government exists to benefit all the citizens of the community being governed, not just the elite few who govern it. Keep up the good work. I am glad to have you as a commercial neighbor.

    Keep the antiseptic light of truth and common sense shining.

  • Thank you Rick

    I’ll keep up the effort.

    With a new, more proactive board in April, we will move the Town forward in 2014