Mayor Scrima Keeps Promise to Donate Half his Salary

Mayor Jeff ScrimaIt was a pleasant surprise to look at the front page of today’s Freeman and read the headline that Mayor Jeff Scrima divulged his salary donations to the New Day Fund.   As promised when he ran for the 2010 mayoral election, Scrima has donated approximately $92,194 of his overall salary of $184,000.

In the article below Sarah Pryor elaborates on the Mayor’s contributions and intent behind creating the New Day Fund, as well as delineating all contributors to the New Day Fund in the “By The Numbers” breakdown.


Scrima Donated about Half his Salary to New Day Fund

Next fund project will be city entrance signs

By Sarah Pryor
Freeman Staff

WAUKESHA – After remaining mum for two years, Mayor Jeff Scrima revealed this week that he has donated $92,194 – about half his salary of $184,035 – to the New Day in Waukesha fund since he began collecting a mayoral salary in 2010.

Scrima says he established the fund, under the umbrella of the Waukesha County Community Foundation, to fulfill his campaign promise of giving back half his salary.

“I believe in keeping promises,” Scrima said, declining to comment further.

In the past, Scrima has said he established the fund for the purpose of “being a catalyst and leveraging investment for the common good of the city, specifically in the areas of landmarks, education and the arts.”

WCCF President & CEO Kathryn Leverenz provided a letter verifying Scrima’s $92,194.33 contribution. She said in the letter that the New Day Fund has made grants totalling $59,422 for the following purposes: starting the Waukesha GuitarTown project (both phases); restoring the city’s Farmers Market structure; and the latest project, new entrance signs for the city.

Scrima said the fund’s $5,950 grant for the new signs will be seed money to purchase the necessary drawings to get them started, but he’s hopeful others will kick in to buy enough signs for every entranceway into the city. The Redevelopment Authority and Sign Review Board have both approved the sign, which is 24 feet long and 7 feet high and constructed with a steel arch, limestone and ashlar stone.

Scrima also gave Leverenz permission to reveal other donors to the fund, which include the Lato Family Foundation, Andrea and Tony Bryant, Ron Kading and Donald E. Tewes. The amount of gifts to the fund, including Scrima’s salary donations, total $118,840. The fund’s current balance is $57,053.67.

The last several times The Freeman asked Scrima to reveal the fund’s amount, he offered only one comment: “When people see the full accounting of how much I’ve given, they’ll be pleasantly surprised.”



The New Day in Waukesha Fund

Mayor Jeff Scrima’s net salary from April 2010 to December 2013*: $184,035.75

Scrima’s contribution to the New Day Fund: $92,194.33

Other donors to New Day Fund**:
Lato Family Foundation: $16,500 Andrea and Tony Bryant: $10,000 Ron Kading: $45.04 Donald E. Tewes: $100

Total gifts to New Day Fund**: $118,840 New Day Fund grants**:

Start-up for GuitarTown phase 1: $15,160 Restoration of city’s Farmers Market structure: $23,312 Start-up for GuitarTown phase 2: $15,000 Start-up for new city gateway entrance signs: $5,950 Total grants: $59,422

New Day Fund current balance, minus bank fees**: $57,053.67

*information provided by Waukesha Human Resources Manager Donna Whalen.Amount doesn’t include deductions for required taxes, pension and health insurance contributions ** information provided by Waukesha County Community Foundation President and CEO Kathryn Leverenz

– Sarah Pryor, Freeman Staff

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