John Macy Named New Town Attorney
Atty John P Macy

Image courtesy of WI Lawyer Magazine

TOWN OF WAUKESHA – In a closed session meeting at the Waukesha Town Hall Thursday afternoon, officials voted 4-1 in favor of hiring John Macy as the new town attorney.  Supervisor Michael Laska was the sole dissenting vote and purportedly offered no reason for his dissention.

In a brief conversation with Town Chairman John Marek yesterday, Marek stated he is confident that Attorney Macy will bring much needed insight and professional experience to the town of Waukesha.


Attorney John P. Macy:

Admitted to the Wisconsin Bar in 1980, attorney Macy’s tenure lies not in representing individual people, but rather in representing numerous cities, villages, and towns throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

Nominated a 2009 “Leader in the Law” by the Wisconsin Law Journal, staff of the Law Journal had the following to say about attorney Macy’s extensive municipal representation experience:


“In the 30 years he has been representing municipalities, he’s never lost a client, even though administrations come and go.

The keys to success?

First, he says, every municipality has its own unique culture, and you have to learn that culture and work within it.

Second, he says, he doesn’t set policy.

“The reason I’ve survived, and survive from election to election, is I don’t try to set policy,” Macy says. “When I leave at the end of a meeting, people should have no idea how I would have voted. What I think is immaterial. My job is to let the elected officials know the law.” ”


Attorney Macy also holds the following legal experience and/or credentials


  • Board of Governors: 1992-1996, and again from 2003-2008
  • Chair or member of dozens of bar committees.
  • Former president of the Waukesha County Bar Association
  • Active in the American Bar Association
  • Served as past chair of the Section of General Practice Solo and Small Firm Lawyers, and hosting its annual meeting in Milwaukee last year.
  • Lectures several times a year to municipal associations and organizations, training municipal clerks, and members of boards of review and fire and police commissions.
  • 1st Vice-Chairman of the Republican Party of Waukesha County since 2000.


Congratulations to the Town of Waukesha, and a job well done by the 4 members who voted in favor of hiring attorney Macy.  Clearly he is the best person for the position!


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