Angie’s Opinion – a Matter of Perception

Angie Van Scyoc voices opinion and supports petition against Waukesha Freeman credibility

Waukesha, WI.  There is yet another rant in today’s Waukesha Freeman (published below for reference) by former Waukesha Town Board Chairman, Angie Van Scyoc.  Freeman subscribers should be used to hearing the opinions of Mrs. Van Scyoc relating to issues concerning the Town of Waukesha.  After all, it is her civic duty to keep everyone apprised about the truth – truth based on her perception, that is.  I question her truths, renounce her allegations, and simply state the following:

“Your perception is your reality Angie.”

Today’s opinion addressed a previous Freeman article submitted by Brian Fischer – an article concerning Town lawyer bills that I syndicated here on Around Waukesha for obvious reasons.

Interestingly in today’s guest opinion Angie references the fact that I republished the article here, but alleges that it was performed as “an Associate of Chairman Marek” in some purported political scheme…  That couldn’t be further from the truth.

For starters I am not an associate of Chairman John Marek.  I consider Mr. Marek a friend because he is an honest, reputable and respected town citizen and leader of the Waukesha Town Board. However, my only relationship with him was in prior business developing his campaign website, which is long past.  Mr. Marek was a great client and I enjoyed helping him successfully achieve his objective.

Let’s get the facts straight Angie. Mr. Marek and I rarely talk, we are not partners or members of any business or organization, and we certainly do not partake in any nefarious political scandal to create dissension among town board members.  I am confident that Mr. Marek works very hard and passionately at attempting to achieve responsible spending, town business, and normal functioning of town matters. It is YOU, Angie, that seems to be behind the scenes like a puppeteer orchestrating chaos much like you did when you were town chairwoman.  You continuously write the Freeman with your unfounded allegations. STOP IT Already!  Quit blaming everything on other people, places and things.  Quit presuming out loud that there is some scheme or agenda going on. Sadly, it appears that you simply resent the fact that the town is successfully progressing and moving forwarding without you despite your continued antics.

What I find amusing is your allegations that the Waukesha Freeman only publishes articles and guest opinions against you and your allies, yet they seem to publish your articles on a continual basis.  You contend that the Freeman sides with certain groups and otherwise publishes false information.  Now you and your allies have gone as far as to start a petition against the Waukesha Freeman.

I find it ironic that you sleep in the same bed that you defecate on!



FREEMAN ARTICLE 10/26/2013, p.6a


Members of the Town Board unfairly target others

Ascertain fact from fiction to vote responsibly

By Angie Van Scyoc

Convincing misrepresentations contain kernels of truth. I believe Supervisor Brian Fischer followed this recipe in his guest opinion, published in The Freeman on Sept. 21 and further distributed by Scott Ludtke of Liberty Web Marketing/Around Waukesha, an associate of Chairman Marek.

Saturday Freeman placement is plum; distribution is larger for the Saturday edition vs. weekday. The last time Brian appeared in The Freeman was Saturday, March 30, 2013, days before the April 2 election. That piece, like his recent, was crafted to cast aspersions on others. Inflame, misrepresent and, bottom line, campaign. Maximum distribution reach courtesy of The Freeman.

Yes, campaign season has started in the Town of Waukesha. Supervisors Mike Laska and Joe Banske are up for election this April. It is my opinion that Brian, Chairman Marek and their associates will attempt to discredit Supervisors Laska and Banske, using the Waukesha Freeman as a vehicle and I believe that process is well underway. As someone who was targeted by them I clearly recognize the process.

It is insidious. Start early, repeat as often as possible, gain wide distribution, deflect or ignore real issues and unfairly discredit those you wish to obliterate. A recipe used by politicians in Washington now regularly utilized in our backyard.

The consistent player in last year’s discrediting of the Town of Waukesha and this year is chief bickerer Supervisor Brian Fischer, principal of Fischer-Fischer-Theis of Waukesha.

Brian can be convincing, honed through years of being a hired gun in court. As town supervisor he applies his skill to discredit supervisors who vote contrary to him and Chairman Marek. No independent thought apparently welcomed under the new administration.

Reality is Brian Fischer voted to spend funds required to support the legal battles over the last three years. In fact, we had to limit him and former Supervisor Everett German as they sought to expand the snowplowing litigation to a previous five-year time frame. Joe Banske, Mike Laska and I supported settling the matter as we had achieved our goals – a significant reduction in the amount billed by the contractor and full release without cost to taxpayers of the onerous three-year contract approved by the previous board weeks before the recall election of 2010. We fought the battle to preserve and protect town cash reserves.

Did we have attorney fees that were greater during my tenure? You bet. We finally stood up for ourselves, fought hard and WON. We hired the specialists we needed and were successful. We invested approximately $50.00 per person to secure the town from future financial harm and establish border and annexation protections.

Unfortunately, John and Brian put us back in the water service area, opening us up again to annexation of larger tracts of land as developers would prefer to develop in the city with city sewer and water. As our tax base decreases, our taxes go up.

Brian does demonstrate in his letter $1,000,000 was NOT spent on legal fees, as John Marek used in his campaign and continues to spew. Brian apparently forgot to coordinate John’s rhetoric in his discrediting zeal.

On to septic, a favorite topic of Supervisor Fischer. As an architect and professional engineer Brian has his professional hands on the various expansions of our Waukesha Town Hall spanning decades. Those expansions included additional bathrooms, shower facilities and laundry facilities. For us regular folks those kinds of additions would typically have required expansion of our septic system. Somehow expansion of the Town septic never happened even though building capacity was greatly expanded.

On the occasion the septic backed up, in October 2012, I investigated. I was told many things about the system, most of which I found to be inaccurate. I personally reviewed the Town Hall septic file at the county offices. Brian’s fingerprints are all over the file.

Brian’s next effort was to initiate the septic discrediting bandwagon by falsely claiming I was ignoring septic problems.

He proceeded, without knowledge or express approval of the board, to conduct a “test” of the town system – 2,000 gallons of water through use of a fire department hose in less than one hour blasted directly into our leach. What happened? It saturated.

Brian Fischer, professional engineer. Would he try this test at his home? Would we? No way. Anyone who has a leach knows too much water in a short period of time can have devastating effects.

Brian and John advocate a city sewer connection solution at $50,000 or more rather than a mound system. I think it is inappropriate to push a solution that is not available to our constituents without annexation to the city. I believe pumping fees are minimal compared to forevermore city sewer billings. We have a letter from the county indicating no immediate action on our septic is required. Appropriate planning is warranted, the system does need to be updated. The hullabaloo is pure politics.

It is my opinion that Brian Fischer and John Marek are not protecting town taxpayers. Their actions and antics in town meetings and in the media are disrespectful and disruptive. In my opinion, they are working overtime to return the town to the weak and vulnerable entity it was, decimated for decades to a fraction of initial size as developers took town lands into the city. Ask questions; get the facts. Vote responsibly. Protect our town.

(Angie E. Van Scyoc is a former Town of Waukesha chairwoman.)

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3 Responses to Angie’s Opinion – a Matter of Perception

  • Scott-

    You and I have never had a conversation, as I far as I know you are not a constituent of the Town. I have no idea where you get your information but you certainly speak as if you are an authority, unfortunately without basis.

    You have just proven the point of my Guest Opinion.

    Thank you.

    Angie E. Van Scyoc

    • Angie:

      You are reckless and skew the facts. I get my facts from public records – including court documents. Your antics are everywhere for everyone to see, if only you look. The only one who doesn’t recognize them is you and your allies.
      Maybe before you make a statement about someone you should pick up the phone and ask? The editor from the Waukesha Freeman called me, why not you? Because the facts are not what your looking for. You just want to play the blame game…

  • It’s very interesting that some of your supporters Angie think the only place to get facts is at meetings. I have been blame also for not attending meeting and so on. Well I think a person can read and understand what’s going on without attending. You seem to pick on the people with facts. I have questioned some of the wasting of money and what has gone on in the Town for years, only to get blown off.

    I know have to fix and take care of the road in front of my house because the town can’t afford to fix it. But heck we can waste money on septic system, fire department crap and so on… I’m so tired of all this BS that you keep saying and how you fixed everything. I have been in the Town for 30 years and can’t believe it’s this messed up…

    I hope you understand that having your secret meetings with your own little group is viewed upon throughout the town like little grade school kids.

    I know John is not perfect and you were so far from it yourself. Look at the waste you created. I hope someday someone can get in there and clean this up before it’s too late. The town is going to become the city soon enough. And let me tell you they have plenty of ego problems there also…