110th Anniversary Draws Riders from Around the World

Listen and see the Harley passion rumbling in and around Waukesha and Milwaukee this weekend for the 110th Anniversary


HD 110th Around Waukesha 2013They come from hundreds, and even thousands of miles away.   They travel by land, by air, and by sea.  They share a love and passion for Harley Davidson motorcycles like no other product or brand in the entire world!  Like bees attending to the hive, they’ll be in attendance at the anniversary celebration held every 5 years because these riders are a group of dedicated people like no other.  This is the 110th Anniversary and this is HD Country!


25 Years of Anniversary Celebrations

For a couple of decades I have watched in awe as tens of thousands of Harley Davidson riders from around the globe make their voyage to Milwaukee for the anniversary celebrations. German, Chinese, Australian, and Canadian license plates can be seen among those from each and every of the 50 US states.  It’s emotionally moving to see this “family” make their way home to Milwaukee for the Labor Day weekend celebration.  The 110th Anniversary has proven to be no exception to this long-standing tradition that has now spanned 25 years.


For me the most exciting sight is the many models and designs of these machines.  Over the years I have learned that most bikes have their own unique story behind the look.  While some of the bikes are original stock from the factory, the majority of them are personalized in some shape or form.  From custom frames, performance exhaust systems, paints jobs, and elaborate air-brushed designs, to more simple features like high quality sound systems, each motorcycle truly is unique.  If you haven’t already done so I would strongly recommend making you way to one of the large gatherings of these motorcycles to have a look for yourself.  They truly are beautiful pieces of machinery.

HD 110th Milwaukee


The Historic Rumble

There are some people who think the rumble of these machines is a nuisance, but they are the tiny minority compared to the thousands of people who warmly welcome these riders to our cities and communities.  Banners positioned on overpasses read, “Welcome Home,” and people gather along freeways and on overpasses, waving as riders rumble by.  I can only imagine what it feels like to be one of these riders who have driven for days or weeks – to have such a welcoming…


Welcome Home Harley Riders!

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