The Early Bird Beats the Sun

There’s nothing like a beautiful morning sunrise over the streets of downtown Waukesha, or anywhere around Waukesha for that matter. When you add colorful art in the form of giant murals, it’s amazing how the bright colors enhance their surroundings.

First Federal Bank Mural_Day3

Today’s  sunrise was full with no clouds, and the warm beams splayed onto the partially completed wall canvases of the 12 new murals being painted in Waukesha this weekend.

Some of the murals are further along than others, but no matter what the stage of completion is, seeing their progress is something that will forever be a part of the memories of my home town.  I almost hate to see them completed because I enjoy seeing and watching the artists transform their thoughts through their brushes.

Rhythm of the Road_Victor Drapal

Victor Drapal works on the mural early Saturday morning.

Victor Drapal_Waukesha Murals

Walldog artist Victor Drapal enjoying his cup of coffee.

Along my early travels to view the murals this morning, I happened to connect with artist Victor Drapal and the creator of the mural design, Michael Clark.  They are working on the mural “Rhytm of the Road” located on the corner of Bartsow and Broadway Streets.  Victor was comfortably poised up in a lift draped in the shadows of today’s warm sun.  I commented, “The early bird gets the worm,” and Mr. Clark’s response was, “The early bird beats the sun.”

Come on down to downtown Waukesha this weekend and see these once dreary, plain walls as they are transformed into beautiful pieces of art.

Don’t forget that the Art for Freedom Crawl #77, presented by the Waukesha West End Artists, begins today at 4:00PM and runs until 10:00PM.

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Hope to see you Around Waukesha!

Gallery 1 Mural_Day3

Discount Liquor Mural Day 3


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