Walldogs Returning to Paint 14 Murals in Waukesha this Weekend

This Thursday, August 1st, 2013 the nationally acclaimed Walldogs are returning to Waukesha to paint 14 more murals as part of this year’s Waukesha GuitarTown Project.  They will begin working on the murals Thursday evening by sketching outlines on walls. The painting will begin on Friday, August 2nd and will continuing through Sunday, August 4th.

2013 GuitarTown Murals

The Walldogs will be working alongside Waukesha’s talented artists who will be painting some of the Welcome to Waukesha murals that are part of the 2013 GuitarTown project. The 14 new murals will join the five murals that were done the weekend of June 6-9 as part of the launch of the 2013 Waukesha GuitarTown and Friday Night Live, and focus on the life of Les Paul.  The new murals focus on the rich history of the city as related to its business partners.

The new murals will be included on the Walking Tour Guitar Pick that also features the 45 artistic guitars throughout the street-scape and shops of downtown Waukesha. The picks are available online at www.WaukeshaGuitartown.com, as well as numerous public locations.

The mural painting will be included as part of other great activities in downtown Waukesha this weekend:

  • First, Waukesha Freeman’s Friday Night Live on August 2nd from 6:30 – 9 PM will offer 9 stages of live music that can be enjoyed while watching the mural painters at work.
  • Second, on Saturday the painting will continue during the Waukesha Farmers’ Market, which continues its 2013 season from 8:00AM to Noon along the south side of the Fox River in Riverfront Plaza.
  • Third, the painting continues all day Saturday and will be featured during the West End Artists’ 77th Art Crawl from 4 – 10 PM when all Waukesha art galleries, shops and restaurants will be waiting to serve you.

The Walldogs just completed an extensive mural project in Kewanee, IL, that was done over the course of the weekend of July 10-14th.  Visit: www.kewaneewalldogs.com and see how more than 200 artists painted 15 murals over the course of five days. The nationally acclaimed Walldogs are a group of sign & mural artists from all over the globe, and their continued tradition of painting wall advertisements dates far back into history.

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More About the Walldogs?

The term walldog is derogatory, referring to mural painters from around the 1890s through the mid 1900s. These artists would paint advertisements on billboards and walls in many towns and cities. Many of these murals still survive today in the form of ghost signs. These artists were known for working like “dogs” through the heat of the summer sometimes in very perilous conditions. Source: Wikipedia

The Walldog movement began in Allerton, Iowa on the summer of 1993 hosted by Nancy Bennett. That meet was the first official Walldog meet. Dozens of sign artist or “Letterheads” arrived in Allerton to paint several large historic wall advertisements. Since then the Walldog Movement has continued to grow.

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