Why You Should Visit Downtown Waukesha this Weekend

If you are looking for some great musical entertainment and other exciting things to do around Waukesha this weekend, there are many great activities to choose from.  This weekend is extra special because it represents the official launch of GuitarTown and Friday Night Live.

Here are the top 3 reasons to visit downtown Waukesha this weekend:


1. Launch of Waukesha GuitarTown:

The official launch of the 2013 Waukesha GuitarTown begins on Friday, June 7th with the following:

Mural paintings throughout the day

Public unveiling of the 2013 GuitarTown guitars

GuitarTown musical event at the main stage (8PM) will feature the Les Paul Trio, Dennis Coffey, and Vic DeLorenzo, followed by the Ivorys from Chicago.


2. Launch of Freeman Friday Night Live:

Most people know of, or have otherwise attended the Waukesha Freemen Friday Night Live event over the course of the past ten years.  This year Freemen Friday Night Live will be featuring 9 musical entertainment stages, and of course there will be plenty of food, shopping, and other family fun things to do in downtown Waukesha.


3. Waukesha Farmers’ Market:

So far the 2013 Farmers’ Market has been a huge success with dozens upon dozens of vendors offering their products at very affordable prices.  The Farmers’ Market also offers entertainment stages and live music each and every week.


Waukesha’s downtown area offers a clean, family-orientated atmosphere that is enjoyable for people of all ages.  There is great entertainment and even greater places to shop and eat.

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