Lemonade Day at the Waukesha Farmers’ Market

Lemonade Day at Waukesha Farmers' MarketOn Saturday, May 25, fifteen eighth grade students from Waukesha STEM Academy will be showcasing their entrepreneurial skills at the Waukesha Farmers Market.

As part of Lemonade Day, a nationwide project in which students develop business management, marketing, and entrepreneurship skills, students will operate their own lemonade stands within the market. Many cities throughout the country participate in Lemonade Day. In fact, the project has grown so much that one of its major sponsors happens to be a pretty important tech company–Google.

As they operate their stands, students will be tasked with everything from designing their stands, managing their budgets, maintaining sanitation standards, and making their own lemonade. Students are encouraged to keep a portion of their profits for personal spending, save some for a savings goal, and donate some to a charity of their choice.

This year, Waukesha is a pilot city for the project and, if it is successful, will become the first fully licensed city in Wisconsin. Next year, the hope is to expand the project to students in other schools.

Mayor Jeff Scrima, Norm Bruce, The Steaming Cup, and the Downtown Business Association have been instrumental in bringing this project to Waukesha. In the future, this promises to be an event that builds event more partnerships between local businesses, city government, and schools.  Because of theirs and the students’ efforts, May 25 promises to be a sweet success!

~Chris Del Ponte
Business Education Specialist–STEM, Inc.

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