Eddie Callaway Dead from Self Inflicted Gunshot

Courtesy of WISN Milwaukee:

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Police in Bloomington, Ind., said a man who died in an overnight shooting was a man wanted for a Waukesha homicide.

Bloomington Police said Eddie Callaway, 26, was spotted by Indiana State Police around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night on a bicycle on a pedestrian trail.

Callaway was wanted on a federal warrant for the murder of his girlfriend, Shanel Negron, on April 22.

Waukesha police said Callaway shot Negron in front of their town-home and had not been seen since.

Police in Bloomington said they ordered Callaway off his bicycle Tuesday evening.  Officers said he was being restrained while back-up officers arrived.

Captain Joe Qualters said that when backup officers arrived, Callaway reached into his waistband, produced a weapon and shot himself in the head.

Callaway was pronounced dead at the scene by medical personnel.

Waukesha police will hold a news conference Wednesday afternoon regarding the case. WISN.com will provide live streaming coverage of that news conference when it begins.

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