The “Wal” Comes Down to Make way for Neighborhood Market

WalMart_Emmel Constr.For several weeks I watched as crews from Immel Construction set up blockades, silt fences, and other precautionary barriers in preparation of the demolition of the old Walmart store located at Coral Drive and Les Paul Parkway on Waukesha’s east side.  The demolition is making way for a new “Walmart Neighborhood Market” that is scheduled to open in Waukesha by the holiday season this year.

WalMart Neighborhood Market WaukeshaThe 42,000 square-foot Walmart Neighborhood Market will be one of the latest Walmart developments in southeastern Wisconsin that was unanimously approved by the town of Waukesha last October.  Other new Neighborhood Markets opened in Milwaukee and Wauwatosa last year, and another is planned for Menominee Falls in the near future.

The new market will add somewhere between 65 and 100 jobs to the Waukesha area. With commercial development planned for the rest of the property, other employment opportunities may become available as other businesses are developed.

The pictures below show phases of the demolition process over the course of 4 weeks, with the latest one being on Saturday, April 13th, 2013.  This last picture shows that the only thing that remains of the old Walmart are the exterior block walls.




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4 Responses to The “Wal” Comes Down to Make way for Neighborhood Market

  • I think it is a waste of a building that was not that old,as I have seen done numerous times before. We have many homes lasting more than 100 years,surely a concrete structure should last longer than 20 years.

    • I couldn’t agree more.
      When I heard they were putting the market there I thought they would simply renovate it to fit the needs. Th next thing I knew they were tearing it down…
      Wonder when they’ll be tearing down the “brand new” building next door?

  • It seems like a way to try to cut in on the business that Woodman’s will be taking away from Walmart. In my experience, Woodman’s has much better prices, I guess they think since more people will come from out of town to visit Woodmans, they will try to get them into their store.

    I guess if it works it is good for the people who get the jobs.

    • @Chris Roberts:
      I too believe Walmart is trying to compete and pull in some of Woodman’s, as well as Aldi customers. Their prices are going to have to be pretty competitive in order to do so though. In the end I believe the consumers will be the winners.