Bidding Farewell to the Waukesha BID

After months of turmoil, Wisconsin’s oldest Business Improvement District will officially disband, according to news sources who received an email from Waukesha Community Development Director Steve Crandell.

According to the Patch, 59% of property owners remained on petition to dissolve the downtown Waukesha taxing district after two months.

After myriad hearings and attempts to change the BID operating plan, owners representing $31.6 million remained on the petition Friday – despite a representative from the bank that’s handling the Clarke Hotel’s foreclosure having asked to remove the hotel, which accounted for $4.7 million in assessed value.

The city of Waukesha will move on without the BID.  Organizations such as the WDBA continue to manage events like Freeman Friday Night Live, Waukesha Silver Bells, and this years Farmers’ Market – a finish I predict will be filled with success for both vendors and attendees.

Although it’s a sad end to a history of our great city, we must simply press on and move forward to bigger and better tomorrows!  Of course we will never forget all the positive memories of the great institution of the Downtown Waukesha Business Improvement District.  They are too great to forget…

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