Debate between Marek and Van Scyoc Draws Huge Turnout – Finally

Waukesha Town HallIt was a standing room only debate Monday night between incumbent town chairman Angie Van Scyoc and her challenger, John Marek.  Residents gathered quietly at the Waukesha town hall to hear each party’s plans for the future of the town of Waukesha.

Up until last Friday Van Scyoc was refusing to have the debate moderated, but she finally acquiesced to demands of Marek that a moderator conduct the debate with decorum and structure – something aberrant to typical town business gatherings.

Aside from chuckles and snickers of attendees to Van Scyoc’s typical haughty comments and holier than thou attitude, town residents and people listened quietly as each candidate systematically answered questions asked by the debate moderator, Karen Schuh.


The Big Issue: Water!

One of the biggest issues addressed during the debate was the fact that the town board eliminated a majority of the township from the City’s future water and sewer service area.

Although Van Scyoc claims that water in the town is fine, Marek offered tangible proof in the form of reports that demonstrate that the Town’s water is contaminated.  For example, a half-dozen or so families east of state Highway 59 along Arcadian Avenue have been receiving bottled water from We Energies after tests found unsafe levels of the metal “molybdenum”, in water from the wells.   Further, in a recent article in the Waukesha Freeman, Waukesha Water Utility General Manager Dan Duchniak was quoted as stating the utility has tested wells relatively close to the 5 Diamonds baseball complex and found arsenic, iron and manganese that exceed the recommended limits of the EPA.  Even the water in town wells operated by the cit of Waukesha is contaminated with Molybdenum and/or Arsenic.  Despite this proof Van Scyoc refuses to support a need for city water some time in the near future.  Marek held up the reports and invited anyone to read them, yet Van Scyoc scoffed at him; claiming it was an attempt to scare town residents, stating “you should stop.”


The Second Big Issue: Budget Amendments!

Although Marek, supported by current town supervisors Everett German and Brian Fischer, contends that attempting to amend the town budget “after the fact” is illegal, Van Scyoc could only counter with the statement that, “it’s the way the town has been doing it for years.”  She also alleged that it’s the way other communities do it, so it doesn’t matter if it’s illegal because everyone else does it the same way.  I find it peculiar that Van Scyoc failed to mention the name of one single community who willfully over spent on budget items, then violates state statutes and ordinances by amending their budget after the fiscal year is over.  Needless to say I’m very puzzled about her circular reasoning…


From my perspective it appeared that Van Scyoc would either dodge issues raised by Marek, or otherwise talk down to him with allegations that he had no proof or was using fear tactics.  On almost every instance Marek countered, holding documents in the air, that he has the proof to support his statements.

If there is a down side to John Marek, it’s that he didn’t have quite the level of knowledge of specifics that Van Scyoc holds in having been town chairman for a couple of years.  Once elected, however, Mr. Marek will act with decorum, trust and dignity as he turns the town of Waukesha back into a municipality that is respected by its neighbors – not laughed at.

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