Preserving a Positive Future for Waukesha

Waukesha Election 2013As many of you know, tomorrow is Election Day.

I am not a big political guy, so excuse me while I just cut to the chase on the future of Waukesha at both the town and city levels.

Never in my 30 plus years as an adult have I felt so compelled to stress the necessity of voters getting to the polls for the 2013 spring election.  The positive future of Waukesha is hanging in the balance of this year’s election – trust me!

Town of Waukesha

There’s no need to make a list here.  The litany of articles in the Waukesha Freeman, Journal Sentinel, and the word of mouth reputation that our town has acquired under the leadership of Angie Van Scyoc is a loud, crashing cymbal that change MUST be made!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Mrs. Van Scyoc, but I loath her actions and lies!

Clearly John Marek is the candidate of choice if there is to be any hope for the future of town of Waukesha.  John is a proven leader with plausible solutions to the myriad of troubles the town currently faces.

Although Angie has tried to corral Mr. Marek into some half-baked Q&A session without a moderator or any sense of decorum, Mr. Marek stood his ground until Van Scyoc final agreed on an election debate with a moderator.  This Waukesha Town Chairman election debate is being held this evening at the town hall at 6:30 p.m. and I urge town resident to submit their questions to the moderator here.

Everett German should earn reelection, if not solely for his courageous efforts in securing documents from the town board.  These emails of the chairman should have been readily available to the public, yet even one of their own supervisors couldn’t obtain them without hiring an attorney.  The sad thing is that Mr. Everett has yet to review all of the emails from Van Scyoc due to delays, excuses, and the need for them to be redacted.

Mr. German also stood his ground with Mr. Fischer in voting against attempted budget amendments by the town board.  Mr German has amply demonstrated that these actions are ILLEGAL, and nothing more than obvious attempts to shift money to cover expenditures for legal fees.

For the Town of Waukesha:

John Marek

Everett German

It’s a do or die situation!


 City of Waukesha

At the city level the following Alderman are up for election:


District 1 District 6 District 8 District 11 District 12 District 15
Terry Thieme*Mark Myers Adam Jankowski*Marga Krumins Emanuele VitaleVance Skinner* Leonard MillerRoger Patton* Gary KrivosAaron D. Perry Cory PayneRussel Stewart


If you have any uncertainty as to whom to vote for, this is my suggestion when it comes to voting for our future city Alderman.  Do a little bit of research.

For example, you can browse around the Waukesha Patch and see how the current council members have voted in the past on certain city matters.  The BID fiasco is a good example of how certain members sway away from the advancement and growth of our downtown because of some bickering by a few unhappy downtown business owners and nay sayers. (See how they vote)

What you will discover is there is a group of current council members who vote against things out of spite. (Almost always the same members)  They use their power to impede the implementation of many summer activities and events that draw hundreds of thousands of people here every weekend throughout the summer.

I live in District 1 and I will be voting for Mark Meyers.  Why?  Terry Thieme does not appear to support our downtown summer activities.  He appears to follow the group of colleagues who commonly vote against the advancement of our downtown.

Quite frankly I think its time we replace some of the council members with new alderman who will display some backbone and vote on their conscience – rather than caprice.

In the other districts I would vote for the following:

D-2: Adam Jankowski

D-8: Vance Skinner

D-11: Roger Patton

D-12: Aaron Perry


In my opinion these are individuals who will display some excellent representation of the people of our great city, and they will vote on their conscience.


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