Purchase Offer made for Golden Guernsey Plant

Golden Guernsey Cow in WaukeshaAlthough the Ohio based Superior Dairy Company has made an offer of 5.5 million dollars for the purchase of the Waukesha Golden Guernsey plant, the company did state that they do not want to be tied to the former labor contract that employees were working under.

Owned by LEL Operations Company, Superior Dairy is a major supplier for Costco stores.  Costco is the fifth largest retailer in the United States, with global locations that include the UK, Australia, and Canada.  With such a large customer base it would be correct to presume that the dairy would be busy producing milk and other dairy products under the new ownership if their bid is accepted.

Things look promising for the future of Golden Guernsey as the Wisconsin AG Connection reported that the bankruptcy trustee for the plant stated 25 parties are interested in the property.  The trustee says bids will continue to be accepted until May 10, 2013, and if more than one qualified bid is accepted there will be an official public auction.

Although Superior Dairy did not come forward and state that all previous employees of the plant would have their jobs reinstated, their statement that they do not want to be bound by the former labor contract may imply that former employees would have an opportunity to go back to work under new employment terms.

I truly look forward to seeing the plant back up and running, and I hope that the former employees can regain their jobs under reasonable terms.

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