Saying Goodbye to the Waukesha BID

It appears that more than 60% of downtown Waukesha property owners have signed a petition to disband the Downtown Waukesha Business Improvement District “BID”.  According to an article at, the mayor received a petition from almost 63% of downtown business owners.

News about the petition became clear at Tuesday’s common council meeting that was to make the final approval of the New Bid operating plan.  However, BID Board members stated they had only heard of the petition on short notice; as close as one hour before the meeting.

According to Wisconsin statute the common council will have to hold a hearing within 30 days of receiving the petition, but not before all downtown businesses within the BID district are notified and have an opportunity to retract or add their name to the petition.  A verification process will have to be performed to make certain that at least 50% of all businesses within the BID district wish to disband and that proper procedures were followed in the petition process.  It is my understanding that if those criteria are met the Waukesha Common Council will officially issue an order that dissolves the BID.

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