BID Board Approves Waukesha BID Budget Plan

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Despite opposition and concern by several downtown business owners, the Waukesha BID Board approved Ed Henschel’s proposed operating plan for the downtown Waukesha BID on Thursday.

Sarah Pryor of the Waukesha Freeman reported that some property owners threatened to “disband” the Waukesha BID because they simply don’t trust it. (See: “Property owners threaten to disband BID” 01/25/2013 Freeman, p.A3)

I believe that downtown property owners should give the new BID organization a chance to work before criticizing it as being untrustworthy and ineffective.  This is an opportunity to “look outside the box” when it comes to maintaining a vibrant atmosphere for the city of Waukesha.


Potential Benefits of the New BID Structure

Since the sole purpose of the “new” Waukesha BID is to be “a provider of financial support to organizations desiring to conduct activities and events within the district,” it should be an inspiration for more organizations to be created and receive the funding that BID has to offer. Having independent organizations representing our city and addressing the various interests that downtown Waukesha offers can make the downtown more quality oriented.

Downtown Waukesha peoperty owners need to recognize that this is a great opportunity to balance the interests of our downtown by having them managed by independent organizations that are more acquainted with the specific genre of individual interest and events, such as art, music, food, etc. It is my understanding that legitimate interest groups could approach the BID Board with financial requests to implement events, marketing agendas, and even move to contract with outside consultants to help sponsor the downtown district area.


Please feel free to share your opinions and comments below.

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3 Responses to BID Board Approves Waukesha BID Budget Plan

  • You indicate that “the Waukesha Common Council approved Ed Henschel’s proposed operating plan for the downtown Waukesha BID on Thursday.”

    The Common Council did not meet last Thursday – the BID Board met. The Common Council has its next meeting on February 5th. Unless there is something I am unaware of, the Common Council has not even addressed the proposed BID Operating Plan, its budget or the proposed change in its Bylaws.

  • Scott, you should change your closing statement to ” Please feel free to share your opinions and comments below as long as they agree with my views.

    thank you and have a good day.

    • Jeff: It has nothing to do with “my views” and everything to do with your negativity and obvious resentments. You should quit your crying over the fact that I didn’t publish your comment in which you make UNFOUNDED allegations — ludicrous one’s at that — about city officials and the BID Board. Stop already! Accept it and get over it.
      You also make allegations that I buy into anything the mayor and WDBA say. To the contrary I make my own decisions and opinions based upon facts and the obvious progression and success of the downtown. I’ve lived in Waukesha for 40 plus years and I’ve seen the good and bad times of downtown Waukesha, and right now its doing very good. Tell me who is responsible for the downtown success? You? What part of the good, success, or any event that brings hundreds and thousands of people into the downtown are you responsible for? You and a handful of others do nothing but complain about how things are run and by whom. Get over it already, move on, and here’s a new one. Focus your energy on something positive.