Perry Running for Alderman – District 12 Waukesha

Aaron Perry is a candidate for Alderman in District 12 of Waukesha, WI.

A New Set of Eyes

Aaron Perry For Waukesha AldermanMy name is Aaron Perry of 912 Valley Hill Drive in District 12 of Waukesha. I am running for Alderman of District 12 in the 2013 election to lend my knowledge, passion, and service to the great city of Waukesha. My wife Angela and I have started our family here with two handsome boys, Landon, age one and Jackson, who was born just one month ago today. We find our community to be welcoming, friendly, and family oriented. That being said, Waukesha, as well as District 12, is in need of an upgrade in ideas, a commitment to completion of projects, and urgent action in regard to issues that are of vital importance to the long term prosperity of our community and its residents.


A Passion to Serve with Transparency

My interest in politics and public service began in 1988 and that interest turns to action in December of 2012. Being connected to what is happening in my community makes me passionate about being a public servant. Serving as Alderman of District 12 would allow me the opportunity to not only represent the interests of the people in my community but the values of the people of this state.

I strongly believe the voice, influence, and common sense of an everyday citizen of this community like me is welcome in this stagnant and sometimes cloudy political climate. Having a true connected resident of our community representing the interests of all of us in District 12 is vital in the progression needed to reach the ideal vision of what we see as a better place to live, a vision that leaves our households free of worry, and confident in our leaders to make cost effective decisions with our tax dollars.

Waukesha is a great place to live, but Waukesha is not without its challenges. We have areas of our city that are experiencing a rise in crime, neighborhoods that need cleaning up, and citizens’ issues that have gone unheard. These are issues affecting the residents of Waukesha and District 12 and require a new view from one of those residents. This process empowers citizens to make this choice and elect a peer to this position, and I’d be honored and excited to take on this responsibility.

I invite you to follow the campaign updates on Twitter at @perry4alderman, on Facebook at Vote Perry, and the Perry for Alderman campaign blog.  I look forward to connecting with everyone in any way that is available to ensure issues are heard.


Where Do We Start

The tragic shootings that happened this year have shocked us all. The most recent shooting in Connecticut left us speechless and searching for answers.  Even though my two boys are too young for school, I can’t help but wonder what it would have been like to send them to school Monday after the tragic events last Friday in Connecticut.  As a candidate for Alderman and most of all as a father, I feel compelled to share thoughts regarding where we start on a solution.

I have visited dozens of homes in District 12 in my young campaign for Alderman. Because of the recent tragedy I am asked about my views on gun control.  That’s a natural question to ask and I understand the engagement and urgency that our residents have on the issue of our children’s safety.  But when we focus solely on guns, we miss an opportunity to get to the very heart of the matter.  I see worry on the faces of parents in the community and I see the urgency in which we all want this issue to go away.  But we must start from the ground up and not jump to knee-jerk legislation.

I propose that we form a committee involving city government to help build a better community for our children.  This group would be similar to committees formed to improve business districts.  It would be made up of community leaders, school leaders and parents.  The committee’s purpose would be to listen to the concerns of parents and address issues facing our children in the matters of violence.  We spend a great deal of time and effort improving the business climate in Waukesha.  Building business is important, but children are our biggest investment.  They are our number one priority.

So before we dive into the issue of guns or blaming violent video games for an all-too-common tragedy, let’s focus on what we can do to build a better community for our children. That is what I am compelled to do and it is what I feel I should share as a father in our community and as a candidate for Alderman in District 12.

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