The Newtown Connecticut Tragedy Need For Community Support

Newton ConnecticutI have lived in Waukesha for the majority of my 47 years and if there is one thing that I have learned, it’s that there is nothing more powerful than the love and strength of “community“.  Right now the community of Waukesha needs to be there for the victims and families of the Newtown Connecticut tragedy.

You see, I believe that despite the geographical location, the different street names and different faces, community knows no bounds.  It extends from California to Maine; Michigan to Florida.  This is America after all.  We are a nation that faces tragedy together and we support one another.  Some of us will simply drop everything, load up our car or truck with some clothes and food and head out to the areas where tragedy strikes.  Whether it be an act of terrorism, a hurricane, or even this recent senseless act of violence that will never be understood, we will sacrifice what we now realize to be a blessed life to help these strangers because they need our support.  They would do it for us just because they feel compelled by the strings of empathy that pull at our hearts.

There are no words that will ever soothe the emotions and feelings that the families and parents of these children and other victims are experiencing.  As a parent who lost my son I know how it feels.  I cannot even begin to imagine what these parents are going through in light of the circumstances of this situation.

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