Endorsement For Re Election of Alderman Vance Skinner

Editor’s Note: The following opinion piece was submitted and published on Patch by Alderman Vance Skinner.

District 8 constituents and neighbors,

Alderman Vance SkinnerI’ve been asked by many if I would be running for re-election. The answer is, yes.

When I ran for alderman in 2010, I promised to bring a new approach.  This included being responsive, communicative, readily available and more importantly, pro-active and positive.  Since becoming your alderman, I continue to use email bulletins, my website, social media, mailings, door-to-door and the telephone to reach out and be available to you.

There are far too many important issues that remain ongoing in our district and the larger community.  For example, we are still in the midst of finalizing a long term sustainable supply of water from Lake Michigan. This is one of the most critical issues currently impacting our community and generations to come. We cannot afford to be reckless about this matter.

Additionally, I’ve developed strong trusted relationships with Carroll University, the business community, the Waukesha School District, my council peers, and more importantly my constituents.  In my first term, I have become an engaged member of the Planning Commission, the Human Resources Committee and Chair the Information Technology Advisory Committee.  And just this past summer, I decided to invest further in our community by opening our own local family business.  I’ve held to my promise of representing the district as a whole, inclusive of many perspectives and positions.  I appreciate these differences, which have helped me to shape consensus.

I admire this community and champion Waukesha at every opportunity.  I’ve represented our District in a very collaborative and professional manner, while being a responsible steward of our resources and services.

It has been an honor to serve and represent such a great community.   Work remains and I ask for your support.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Vance Skinner
Alderman District 8

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