Directory Update

Several months back I decided that it would be beneficial to have a directory here at Around Waukesha that would list the majority of Waukesha businesses, places around Waukesha like parks and lakes, as well as essential Waukesha government places like the police and sheriff departments, courthouse, fire stations, and more.  The purpose of having these listing integrated here on site is to provide an information source without linking out to other resources.  Links can become broken, or data can be changed without my knowledge, so I wanted to create and integrate the internal resource so I would know where it was and what it contained. This is no easy undertaking.

It has already taken hours of time to locate data, images, and other relevant information for the directory listings created thus far.  In some cases I learned that sources such as Google Maps were not accurate either, so I had to invest the time to make those change submissions as well.

It turns out that with the directory integration here some of the speed of the website was diminishing and I do not want to compromise the speed and browsing performance of this site.  People around Waukesha deserve a fast, responsive website to find what they are looking for.  As such, over the course of the next few weeks the directory listings will be migrating away from and will have their own place at where there will be no strain on the primary website.  That sub-domain is already live and when you visit it you likely will not even realize that you left this website – other than by viewing the domain URL in your browser, that is…

The reason for this post is simply to let everyone know that there may be some error messages coming as the old listing locations become obsolete and replaced with new ones.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this minor change here at Around Waukesha.Com!

Have a great week!

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