Popularity of Downtown Waukesha on the Rise

People love downtown Waukesha!  Well, with the exception of a few naysayers that is…

Five or so years ago the number of trick-or-treaters who attended the downtown trick or treating event was about 50.  This year the number of trick-or-treaters surpassed 800 as kids and adults donned their costumes and visited participating merchants to collect their treasures.  Halloween is not the only event that draws crowds, however.

Friday Night Live draws thousands of visitors every Friday night during its 18-week summer event, and businesses just have to love the music and the crowds that come to enjoy the closed-street setting of this awesome musical event.  If you haven’t ever come to downtown Waukesha for the Freeman Friday Night Live then you certainly need to consider doing so.  The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming with various genres of music.  Rock, Jazz and Bluegrass music are just a few of the kinds of music that fill the air.  Food!  Yes, you have to have some food and there’s plenty of it.  The aromas of food fill the atmosphere and it’s very difficult not to get a bite to eat – unless you can ignore the tingling of your taste buds?  Music is the universal language that brings people together and connects us in a way that has no words.  We smile and greet strangers, sharing small talk of the enjoyment that downtown Waukesha provides as a whole.

Then there’s the Art Crawls, the Silver Bells event, and many, many other exciting things that draw people together in the hub of Waukesha county.

Look out Wisconsin.  Waukesha is about to gain another top 100 places to live for 1013.

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