The Need For Domestic Violence Reform in Wisconsin


Domestic Violence Awareness MonthTo say the least frustrated is how I feel about the recent shooting rampage that occurred at the Azan Salon in Brookfield this past Sunday.

Unnecessary chaos on an otherwise sunny, peaceful Sunday morning, and in spite of October being National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.   The craziest part of this whole scenario is that the assailant had a restraining order against him to not have contact with his wife, now dead.
I have no faith in the system that issues restraining orders because they do not work!

My experience…
I have a friend who had a restraining order against a now ex spouse and the individual chose to break the terms of the restraining order on several occasions a couple of years ago.  Threatening phone calls, personal intimidation, and persistent attempts to manipulate my friend back into the toxic and abusive marriage.  It took many phone calls to law enforcement authorities before they finally held the individual accountable with a few days in jail.  Despite this the individual still made a few more subtle attempts to contact my friend, and attempts to enforce the restraining order were futile until this individual decided they were ready to give up.

My Conclusion:  Restraining Orders do not work!



The shooting spree in Brookfield raised a big red flag!  I have one very important question.

How can it be possible that the man responsible for killing three people and injuring four others with a handgun was able to purchase the handgun just two days after a restraining order was issued against him and the court ordered him to turn over all firearms?  Moreover, all this happened in light of the fact that in 2011 this same man threatened his wife with a handgun.  This is absolutely and completely unacceptable.

My Conclusion: Domestic Violence laws in Wisconsin are ineffective!


How long are we going to continue to allow this to happen?

I am completely without words to see the number of people that are killed each year as a result of domestic violence.  Please visit the NCADV website to view the pages of very long lists of victims for each year: 1996 – 2010.  It’s really very sad.


We Need Domestic Violence Reform!

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